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YouTube TV Subscription Offer With 4K Plus add-on 4.99 Per Month

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Everybody I've got a deal alert for you today and it's a Price Drop from YouTube TV unfortunately not the base plan but it's the 4K plus add-on.

9to5Google with the story and it's reporting that YouTube TV is offering the 4K plus add-on for as low as 4.99 per month for two years.

Login to your account click settings and then under membership you'll see the 4K plus add-on you see here my offer it's not 4.99 per month but 6.99 per month for 24 months and 9to5Google acknowledges in its reporting that the discount does vary depending on the subscriber and some subscribers are still seeing the normal rate which is 19.99 per month.

YouTube TV's 4K plus add-on gets you three main things

  • 4K content when it's available
  • Unlimited streams at home
  • View DVR recordings offline for some content on your mobile device

The regular 19.99 per month price for this add-on just not worth it if if you ask me and I think YouTube TV is kind of acknowledging this with the discount and this YouTube TV discount it's launching less than a month before the next Super Bowl and the TV answer man he's reporting that Fox has Confirmed that the 2023 Super Bowl will be broadcast in 4k.

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