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Without smartphones, electric cars, computers, televisions? This is the next technological problem, according to Bill Gates | United States | Mexico | TECHNOLOGY

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Today's technological advancement has made more people dependent on portable devices that are powered by electricity, which has raised concerns of Bill Gates. And it is that, no matter how much renewable energy is investigated, the demand for electricity will continue to increase.

For the billionaire founder of Microsoft, the problem we will face worldwide is in the electrical network. For this reason, he proposes creating more high-voltage transmission lines that guarantee the transport of energy over long distances.

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This concern is related to the demand that will increase in the coming years as some systems become more electrified, reported the Xataka page, like electric cars. The demand for electricity could double by 2050.

The challenge of the future is to guarantee the electricity supply, and with this "we will make sure that people always have energy when they need it". In this sense, he explained that the high voltage transmission lines need to be updated.

But it is not a strange subject for Bill Gates. He is already working on joint projects with other billionaires such as the Breakthrough Energy Ventures project, which is based on investing in new technologies such as advanced conductors and superconductors. In addition, the billionaire is also working on projects such as Blue Frontier and Verdox, to renew electrical sources.

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