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Why did Sensex and Nifty explode today? These reasons brought down the stock market today

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Why Share Market Down Today. The Indian stock market opened under pressure from the beginning and almost in no time it has fallen around 1% till the news is written. A huge decline has been seen in the stock of Reliance, which is up to about 1.45%. Let us know specifically why the Indian market is continuously falling today.

The Indian stock market is facing a dangerous decline today, and investors are increasingly concerned as to why this is happening and what it could mean for their investments.

To understand why the Indian stock market is falling today, it is important to understand that this is not a short-term phenomenon, but part of a larger trend. The Indian market has been witnessing a gradual decline since April with a sharp fall in the last few trading sessions.

The primary reason for the current slump is the global economic slowdown, and the consequent loss of investor confidence. As the global economy enters a period of contraction and uncertainty, investors are becoming more risk-averse and reducing their exposure to the Indian stock market. This reduced demand for equity has been a major factor in falling share prices in India.

Apart from this, the weak rupee has had a significant impact on the Indian stock market. As the rupee depreciates against the US dollar, it increases the cost of Indian imports and reduces the competitiveness of the Indian market. This has led to a sharp drop in foreign investment and a fall in share prices.

Ultimately, the policies of the Government of India have also had an impact. The government's decision to increase the tax rate on foreign investors has reduced their interest in the Indian market. Furthermore, the government's recent moves to reduce corporate tax rates and increase liquidity in the system have made investors view the Indian market as less attractive and have contributed to the current slowdown.

global pressure.

Due to the fall in the stock market around the world, the Indian stock market could not remain untouched and due to the sound of recession, the stock market is going through a period of ups and downs. However, many experts say that the Indian market is still standing in a better position than other markets.

US Fed interest rates

The Indian market has taken a downward trend since morning due to the sound of continuing hike in interest rates in America. Due to increased interest rates, investors turn to government bonds, corporate bonds, fixed deposits and the market breaks down.

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