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Where To Delete Your Christian Mingle Account Permanently

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Tonight, it's time to watch Where To Delete Your Christian Mingle Account Permanently online,Here's everything you need to know about how to watch Where To Delete Your Christian Mingle Account Permanently. Check out the sneak peek preview below and scroll down for a full list of cast members.

What We Know

  • Christian Mingle allows user to delete their account permanently anytime from the platform.
  • Website: Photo thumbnailAccount SettingsProfile Display SettingsPermanently Delete Profile.
  • Mobile App: Hamburger iconProfile Display SettingsPermanently Delete Profile.

If you still haven’t found a match or you think Christian Mingle isn’t for you, you can delete your account permanently anytime from the browser or mobile app. If you are a premium user, we suggest you cancel your subscription or disable the auto-renewal before deleting your account from the platform. Remember that deleting your account doesn’t cancel your subscription.

Where To Cancel Christian Mingle Subscription on Android App

If you have purchased your subscription on an Android smartphone, you can quit the subscription within the app.

1. Launch the Christian Mingle app on your mobile.

2. Tap the Hamburger icon (Horizontal lines) and choose Account Settings.

Cancelling a subscription on the website is similar to the steps on Android. However, instead of the Hamburger icon, you should click Photo Thumbnail.

3. Under that, tap Manage Subscription and hit Stop Subscription.

4. Select the reason for canceling the subscription and tap Continue.

5. Finally, tap Stop Subscription to quit your Christian Mingle subscription.

Once you have cancelled the subscription, you will receive a confirmation mail regarding it.

Note: After cancelling the subscription, you can still use the premium features before the billing date.

Where To Cancel Christian Mingle Subscription on iPhone/iPad

Unfortunately, you can’t cancel the subscription directly from the app on an iOS device. Therefore, you can manage your subscription with your Apple ID.

1. Launch Settings on your iPhone/iPad.

2. Tap your Apple ID at the top.

3. Tap Subscriptions from the list of options.

Choose subscriptions and cancel it before deleting the Christian Mingle account

4. Find Christian Mingle and tap on it.

5. Tap Cancel Subscription at the bottom.

6. On confirmation, tap Confirm to terminate the subscription.

Where To Delete Your Christian Mingle Account on Website

1. Open the preferred browser on the desktop.

2. Visit the Christian Mingle official website and login into your account.

Login to your Christian Mingle account to delete it

3. Click the Photo thumbnail at the top right corner and choose Account Settings.

4. Click Profile Display Settings.

5. Under that settings, click Permanently Delete Profile.

6. Select the reason for leaving and click Permanently Delete Profile to remove your profile from the platform.

Where To Delete Christian Mingle Account on Mobile App

1. Launch the Christian Mingle app on your smartphone.

2. Hit the Hamburger icon and tap Profile Display Settings.

3. Tap Permanently Delete Profile on the next page to delete your Christian Mingle account permanently.

Where To Delete Christian Mingle Account via Email

You can request the Support team to delete your profile by submitting a request.

1. Open the browser on your mobile or desktop and visit the Christian Mingle Support request page.

2. Enter the necessary details.

  • Email address: The email ID you have registered with Christian Mingle.
  • Subject: To delete your Christian Mingle account.
  • Description: Give a reason for deleting your Christian Mingle account.
  • Attachments: Attach files if you are willing to submit them.

3. Click Submit to send your deletion request.

Click the submit button to delete your  Christian Mingle account

4. The Support team will contact you regarding your deletion request within a few business days.

What Happens When you Delete your Christian Mingle Account

Deleting your Christian Mingle account will remove your profile permanently from the platform along with your personal information like profiles, matches, messages, and much more. Once your profile gets deleted, it can’t be retrieved again.

Christian Mingle Alternatives

If you are fed up with the Christian Mingle platform, we recommend you opt for the alternatives, such as Badoo, eHarmony, and Happn, for the best features and to find more matches.

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