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What is the real story of Hiramandi, which Sanjay Leela Bhansali is going to bring on screen?

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What is the real story of Hiramandi, which Sanjay Leela Bhansali is going to bring on screen?

Feb 21, 2023 at 10:03 am
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What is the real story of Hiramandi, which Sanjay Leela Bhansali is going to bring on screen?
Know the real story of Heeramandi

These days Sanjay Leela Bhansali's web series 'Hiramandi' is in great discussion and why not, this is Bhansali's first web series. The excitement of the audience increased further when it revealed the first glimpse of the cast.

It is the biggest and most difficult project of Bhansali's career so far. He himself has told this.

Let us know what is the history of Hiramandi, which Bhansali is going to introduce to the audience.

Where did this name come from?

Maharaja Ranjit Singh's son Heera Singh had a mansion in this area, hence the name Hira Mandi, who built the grain market here. Some have also been of the opinion that because of the beautiful girls, it got its name Hiramandi.

During the Mughal period women from Afghanistan and Uzbekistan came to live in Hiramandi. At that time the word 'Tawaif' was not seen with dirty eyes. This was the time when courtesans used to entertain only the kings and emperors.

Hiramandi was once a stronghold of music

Hiramandi, situated in Lahore, Pakistan, once resonated with the tinkling of the bells of tawaifs, but today there are dholak and guitar shops in the name of music. Heeramandi is also known as Bazar-e-Husn.

During the Mughal era, the maids and servants of the kings used to live here, hence it was also called 'Shahi Mohalla'. People from big houses used to send their children here to learn music. It used to be a stronghold of dance art and music.

Courtesans of the area were famous all over the country

Hiramandi, situated amidst the very old and narrow streets of Lahore, was such an area where courtesans were famous all over the country. There were about 50 houses in a long street of this area, which used to be inhabited by dance and songs, musical instruments and tinkling of ghungroos for centuries.

The stories of the beauty of the courtesans here were famous. Once upon a time, elders used to be crazy about courtesans living in this market. The women here used to have a special threat.

Music party used to decorate

During the Mughal period, a gathering of music used to be organized in Hiramandi. There was a lot of excitement in the nearby markets as well.

A special thing used to happen in those days that the body was not traded in these markets. The prostitutes who deal in flesh used to be different and the ones who dance and sing.

In Hiramandi, girls were made to do Riyaz from their childhood and then they used to start singing. He was given formal training in poetry and music.

The luster of Hiramandi faded during the British rule

When Mughaldaur started declining, Lahore came under the target of foreign invaders many times. The Afghan invaders destroyed the tawaifkhans here. Then prostitution started flourishing in this area.

When the British Raj was established, they considered Hiramandi as a place of prostitution. During the British rule, the brightness of Hiramandi faded so much that till today its brightness has not returned.

After independence, the government also made many excellent arrangements for the people coming here, but it did not work.

normal day market

During the day, Heeramandi is like any normal market in Pakistan, where all kinds of goods and musical instruments are available. It is also a hangout for foodies, but in the evening it turns into a red light area.

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