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War Ukraine – Russia | The UN General Assembly will meet for the anniversary of the war in Ukraine | Kyiv | Vladimir Putin | Volodymyr Zelensky | WORLD

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The UN General Assembly will meet on February 22 in a special session to commemorate the first anniversary of the war in Ukraine and vote on a resolution supporting kyiv against the Russian invasion.

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This Friday, Ukraine and several of its allies officially called the meeting, which according to diplomatic sources is expected to last two days and be attended by numerous ministers from different countries who will travel to New York on purpose.

Facing the meeting, kyiv is preparing a resolution proposal that would be voted on on the 23rd and with which it seeks a message of support from the international community.

According to diplomatic sources, the Ukrainian government initially intended to present an ambitious text that would support the Peace Formula defended by its president, Volodymyr Zelensky, a proposal that has already been rejected by Moscow and that demands, among other things, the withdrawal of the Russian troops and accountability for those responsible for the invasion.

However, according to these sources, everything points to the fact that the resolution will finally be more general and in line with texts already approved by the Assembly since the start of the war, in order to ensure the widest possible support and thus avoid having numerous abstentions in disagreement with a text that is too “direct”.

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Ukraine and its allies have carried through several resolutions with overwhelming majorities in the UN General Assembly since the start of the war to deal with the blockade in the Security Council, where Russia's veto power has prevented any agreement.

In the Security Council, precisely, another meeting is being prepared to mark the anniversary of the start of the Russian invasion, in this case on the 24th.

The forecast is that the meeting will be held at the ministerial level and that no official document will come out of it, given the Russian veto power, which has kept the Council practically handcuffed in everything related to the war in Ukraine.

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