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Vision Lost Due To Smartphone: How did the smartphone take away the sight of a woman in her thirties? Her doctor explained on Twitter – How Woman Lost Her Vision Due To Smartphone, Hyderabad Doctor Explains In Tweet

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Smartphone Effect On Eyes: This doctor restored the woman's sight. He cured the woman within a month. No, not banning the use of smartphones. Saying, to follow a rule, which you should also know.

Vision Lost Due To Smartphone: How did the smartphone take away the sight of a woman in her thirties?  His doctor explained on Twitter

Smartphone addiction is a disaster. Decoration: Abhik Debnath.

Smartphone Vision Syndrome: Hours after hours on the phone, night after night enjoying OTT on the laptop or smart TV is beyond imagination. A doctor recently shared on Twitter how a woman in Hyderabad lost her eyesight due to her smartphone. Dr. Sudhir Kumar of Hyderabad has explained this on Twitter by making common people aware. He made it clear in a tweet that how difficult the digital age can make our lives.

Dr. Sudhir said, a 30-year-old woman named Manju has lost her vision due to prolonged use of her phone in the dark for the past one and a half years. The doctor said that the woman was seeing almost everything in a blur, sometimes with intense flashes of light, sometimes with zigzag patterns and at times lack of vision.

“There were moments when he could not see anything for a few seconds. This was especially the case with him at night. He was taken to an ophthalmologist. He called it 'normal'. He was referred by that doctor as it could be a neurological cause. I started his treatment since then. I have reviewed detailed information about him. She was working as a beautician to take care of a specially abled child. Those symptoms appeared in his eyes only after leaving that job. It was his habit to browse with his smartphone for at least a few hours a day, again turning off the lights in the room,” writes Dr. Sudhir on Twitter.

The doctor said that the matter became clear after his diagnosis. He was suffering from SVS or Smartphone Vision Syndrome. Prolonged use of devices such as computers, smartphones or tablets can cause various eye impairment symptoms, called 'Computer Vision Syndrome' (CVS) or 'Digital Vision Syndrome'. He added, “…I did not prescribe any medicine. Though Manju was very worried and requested me to give medicine. But I didn't give medicine. I told Manju the reason why he is losing his vision gradually. I advised to reduce the use of smartphones.”

The doctor also informed about the mental condition of the woman. According to him, Manju was very scared thinking that something bad was going to happen to him. But he was also determined about what should be done to regain his sight. He tweeted, “Instead of reducing time, I will stop looking at my smartphone. I will not look at it unless absolutely necessary. no matter what I used the phone for entertainment.”

When Dr. Sudheer saw the woman for the second time a month later, everything was fine. He said that the disability that he had seen for 18 months has completely disappeared. With the return of normal vision, he was no longer seeing anything superficially, nor was any flash of light suddenly appearing in front of him, said the doctor of Hydebarad.

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At the very end of the message, he said to the people with the dot on the smartphone, “Stop staring at the screen of any digital device for long periods of time. Darkness as thick as loss of vision may descend in your life.” But how should the smartphone be used? Noting that, he said, “Keep the phone at least 20 feet away from you, especially at night. Use it for 20 minutes, then take a break for 20 seconds.”

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