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Virat Kohli has become vegetarian, special thing told about Chole-Kulche

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Virat Kohli: Virat Kohli had called for Chole-Kulche during the Delhi Test. Virat was angry for being dismissed. But when Chole-Kulche arrived, he was overjoyed, a video of which also went viral on social media. Now Virat has said a big thing about Chole-Kulche.

virat has become vegetarian

Virat Kohli has given an interview to a fashion brand after the Delhi Test, in which he has shared things about Chole-Kulche and his own food and drink. Virat Kohli told that earlier he used to eat non-veg, but now he has become completely vegetarian.

Virat told that he likes Chole-Kulche very much, there is no doubt about it. Let us inform that even during the Delhi Test, Virat Kohli had invited Delhi's special Chole-Kulcha to eat.

Virat also offered Chole-Kulche to Rahul

The special thing is that when Virat Kohli was talking to coach Rahul Dravid during the Delhi Test. Only then Chole-Kulche came. After which Virat happily said that he will come and eat it, during this Virat Kohli also offered Chole Kulche to coach Rahul Dravid. But Rahul Dravid said that I am fifty years old, now I cannot eat food with so much cholesterol. This was also mentioned by Rahul Dravid in the press conference after the match.

Virat's video went viral

Actually, in the first innings of the second Test, Virat Kohli was dismissed after scoring 44 runs. There was a lot of controversy regarding Virat Kohli's decision, after which he was also seen angry. By the time Virat Kohli reached the dressing room, his order for Chole-Kulche had already arrived. After which Chole Kulche trended on social media.

Kohli alert for fitness

Please tell that Virat Kohli used to eat non-veg earlier too, he liked chicken very much. But now Virat Kohli has said not to eat non-veg. Virat says that he has now become a vegetarian. Please tell that Virat is one of those players who are considered to be the most cautious about their fitness.

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