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Upcoming Releases On ULLU OTT Some of the best shows releasing on Ullu app that you can watch alone

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New Delhi. Nowadays it is the era of OTT and people like to watch movies on OTT. Apart from this, the audience of web series has become a fan nowadays. Whenever a new series comes, people start discussing that new series everywhere and that series itself becomes the topic of discussion among the people. New series and films keep coming on the OTT platform every week. Apart from this, many types of content people are crazy about. Some people like action movies while some people like romantic movies. Apart from this, some people like bold films more. In such a situation, if you like watching bold films and shows, then you can turn to Ullu OTT. Where you get to watch new shows. Here we are going to tell you about the new show to be released on Ullu OTT.

Khidki On Ullu OTT

In this show, you get to see love through the window. The show will be released on Ullu OTT on 24 February. In which you get to hear lust, love and double meaning dialogues. In this show you get to see Rax Khandagale, Leena Singh, Pooja Singh and Jayshree Gaikwad. Rax Khandagale has shown his boldness to everyone before and he has been liked a lot. In this show you get to see three episodes. The story of this show is based on a boy who secretly observes people and blackmails them after seeing their secret. You can watch this show on Ullu OTT from 24 February.

Rickshawala On ULLU OTT

This story is the story of a rickshaw puller. How the rickshaw driver struggles in his life and how he tries to find love. This is what you get to see in this show. Which will be released soon on Ullu OTT. Apart from this, Dream Girl is also the story of such a girl, this is the story of such a girl who keeps on having dreams of having a physical relationship. It was to be released on Ullu OTT a month before today but it has not yet been released on Ullu OTT. It may be released on Ullu OTT in the coming times.

Farebi Yaar Part 3 On ULLU OTT

The show has been released on 17 February. It shows how when a wife is not able to get physical satisfaction from her husband, she makes a physical relationship with her brother-in-law and elopes with him. Viewers were waiting for this show for a long time and now the third part of this show has been released. All such shows on Ullu app which are full of such boldness and hotness, you can go and watch them there. If you also want to watch such bold shows, then there is no better option for you than Ullu OTT.

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