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Ukraine-Russia War: Ukraine orders evacuation of civilians ahead of final battle for Bakhmut | Vladimir Putin | Volodymyr Zelenksy | Iryna Vereschuk | WORLD

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Ukraine today ordered the evacuation of the last inhabitants of the strategic bastion of bakhmut in it Donbaspriority objective of the troops russian and where for weeks the bloodiest battles of the entire military campaign have been fought.

"If you are a good citizen, who respects the laws and is a patriot, you must be evacuated immediately"said Iryna Vereschuk, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, on her Telegram channel.

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Vereschuk admitted that “bloody fighting takes place in the city” and? "enemy artillery hits residential neighborhoods."

“Only today five civilians have died and nine have been wounded”, projection.

The head of the Wagner mercenary group, Yevgueni Prigozhin, admitted that the fighting in the city, located in the Donetsk region, is fierce.

“In every orchard there is a fortified district. The enemy prepared thoroughly. It was expected"he told the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

After taking the town of Krasna Hora, Prigozhin has already made it clear that only his mercenaries are fighting in the area, although the Ukrainian defenders spoke of waves of inexperienced Russian soldiers, alluding to mobilized reservists.

According to the American press, the White House advised kyiv to give up Bakhmut due to the high cost in human lives to defend a city, whose importance is more symbolic than strategic.

Washington recommended the Ukrainian army withdraw several kilometers on the grounds that the altitude in Chasiv Yar is higher, making it easier to defend.

In case there was any doubt, Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky visited Bakhmut in December, where he decorated his defenders and assured that his troops have no intention of withdrawing.

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“Bajmut we need it to completely paralyze the Ukrainian Army. According to our intelligence data, there are now almost 40,000-50,000 men there and the enemy brings new reinforcements every day."Prigozhin noted.

kyiv reports that the Russian army has increased the intensity of the shelling, turning the Bakhmut slums into an impassable ruin.

The Russian goal is to step on the Ukrainian stronghold ahead of February 21, when Russian President Vladimir Putin's first state of the nation address in nearly two years will take place.

Still, Prigozhin has admitted that "Bajmut will not be taken tomorrow", since "the resistance is tough" and the city is "a meat grinder". His forecast is that by March or April his units will have managed to close the siege on Bakhmut.

Similar situations were already experienced in April in Mariupol (Donetsk) and in June in Severodonetsk (Lugansk), where kyiv ordered the evacuation before the siege was consummated and the siege of the city began.

Taking Bakhmut would allow the Russians to control the roads leading to Ukraine's main strongholds in Donetsk: Kramatorsk and Sloviansk.

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“Honestly, I am very surprised that 6,000 civilians are still working there. Once again, I urge you to evacuate immediately.”, Vereschuk pointed out about a city that before the conflict was inhabited by more than 70,000 people.

The deputy prime minister warned that if these civilians do not leave their homes they could endanger their loved ones, especially children.

“Secondly, you create additional problems and risks for those who are trying to help you (soldiers, national police and volunteers)”said.

In addition, Vereschuk assured that the presence of civilians makes the work of Ukrainian troops difficult when it comes to defending the city.

“Why do they have to constantly worry about your safety?”he asked himself.

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In the absence of confirmation of the Russian offensive, the local and international press have reported an increase in the number of Russian troops, military equipment and planes on the border with Ukraine.

The newspaper "The Times", citing Ukrainian military sources, speaks of 10,000 Russian soldiers concentrated in the north of the Sumy region.

As for the planes, the independent Russian press points out that the Ministry of Defense has decided to increase the participation of aviation in the fighting along the entire front.

NATO considers that Russia still has 80% of its aircraft, although the problem would lie in the shortage of pilots with combat experience.

Meanwhile, in the Black Sea, the Russian Navy has increased its flotilla to eleven ships, which could simultaneously fire up to 24 Kalibr cruise missiles against Ukrainian territory.

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