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Twitter Blue, the subscription to verify accounts, does not even reach 300 thousand active users in the world | elon musk | apps | Applications | Spain | Mexico | Colombia | USA | TECHNOLOGY

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Twitter Blue, one of Elon Musk's main bets to monetize the social network, does not even reach 300 thousand active users per month in the world. For January of this year, only in the United States, the number of active profiles only reached 0.2% of the total.

About 180,000 people in the United States were paying for Twitter subscriptions, including Twitter Blue, as of mid-January, or less than 0.2% of monthly active users., according to a document seen by this medium. The small number points to the challenge Elon Musk faces in turning the subscription product into a major source of revenue.”, reports The Information.

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Twitter Blue, according to the portal's calculations, does not reach 300,000 subscribers. “The US number is about 62% of Twitter's total global subscribers, the document says, implying that Twitter has 290,000 global subscribers.. Twitter charges $8 a month for Blue Verified on the web and $11 a month for those who sign up through Apple's iOS, though Apple keeps 30% of that fee.”, he adds from the middle.

According to these numbers, Twitter Blue only brings in a little more than $2.3 million a month, or $27.8 million a year. Musk seeks to settle a debt that exceeds US$3 billion, so this subscription practically does not contribute even 1% of the total to be paid.

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Twitter is also looking to launch other types of subscriptions. Musk slipped the idea of ​​creating a more expensive plan than Twitter Blue, whose benefit would be not to see any type of advertising on the platform. In addition, the Devs account of the social network indicated that an amount would be charged per month for allowing access to the API. The billionaire, however, has changed his mind regarding some bot accounts.

Also, according to the American media, Twitter would charge a whopping $1,000 a month to companies that want to keep or gold-check the platform.. Also, accounts related to the same company could get verified by paying an extra $50 each.

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