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Twitter Blue Subscription: Twitter’s blue subscription has started in India too, do you know how much money to pay per month? – Twitter Blue tick Subscription launched in India how to get subscription

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Twitter Blue Tick: After a long wait, Twitter Blue subscription service has launched in India as well. Earlier there was a lot of speculation about the price of Twitter Blue. See how much Blue Subscription membership costs per month.

Twitter Blue Subscription Price: After a long wait, Twitter Blue subscription service has launched in India as well. Earlier there was a lot of speculation about the price of Twitter Blue. According to Twitter sources, Blue subscription membership will cost Rs 900 per month. However, this subscription also offers several benefits. Those who subscribe with a verified phone number will automatically get a blue verified badge on their profile. The Rs 900 subscription is for Twitter Android and iOS users. For web users, it is priced at Rs 650 per month. Apart from this, the company also offers many features.

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The company launched Twitter Blue last year in several countries including the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. The company has now launched its premium subscription service in India as well. Indian users will also get the benefit of all the special features of Twitter Blue. According to the company, both mobile i.e. Android and iOS will have to pay Rs 900 per month for Twitter Blue and web users will have to pay Rs 650 per month. You have to spend Rs 6,800 for its annual subscription. The company's owner, Elon Musk, announced the introduction of the paid subscription service just days after buying the company. The service was launched despite widespread criticism.

Will Twitter Blue users receive any notification benefits?

According to the company, paid subscription users will get edit tweet button, 1080p video upload, reader mode and blue tick facility. Besides, verified users will get the opportunity to edit any tweet at least 5 times within half an hour of posting it. According to the company, old Blue Tick users will be given a grace period of a few months to retain their Blue Tick. That is, they have to upgrade the subscription after some time to keep the blue tick on their account.

How to get Twitter Blue Tick?

You can apply for Blue Tick from Twitter. For this, first you need to go to Settings and click on Account and then click on Request Verification. Then you will come to the Twitter verification page. Scroll down that page and click on Apply Now. Click on Start the process of its verification. Now you have to choose which category you fall under Blue Tick.

After that, to verify your identity, you need to provide an ID card issued by the government, an email address from the office or a link to the official website that verifies your Twitter account.

Twitter has created various categories such as government, companies, brands and organizations, news organizations and journalists, entertainment, sports and gaming activists and other influential people. If you fall into any of these categories, you can apply for a Twitter Blue Tick by clicking on it.

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