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Turkey Earthquake’s Video: Debris is like a mother’s lap! 2 months old baby sucking his thumb while being recovered from debris in earthquake hit turkey

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Turkey Earthquake's Video: Turkey-Syria devastated by the worst earthquake in the last few decades. Now the heart-wrenching pictures of the rescue work are doing the rounds on social media.

Turkey Earthquake's Video: Debris is like a mother's lap!  The 2 month old baby is sucking his thumb even during rescue

Image courtesy: Twitter

Istanbul: Earthquake-ravaged Turkey and Syria (Turkey Earthquake). On Monday, these two countries of the Middle East witnessed the worst earthquake in the last few decades. Turkey and Syria shook for the first time as citizens woke up in the early hours of Monday morning. Since then, Turkey has repeatedly suffered several aftershocks. Not only that, five earthquakes were felt in different parts of Turkey in two days. Now the streets of Turkey and Syria are only images of wailing. Many lives are buried under the rubble. The work of rescuing the trapped people from under the rubble is going on. Fragmentary videos of the rescue have gone viral on social media. Even after watching that video, it is like being shocked. One such heartbreaking video was seen on social media.

A video on social media shows an infant being rescued from the rubble in Kahramanmaras, Turkey. There was little damage in the earthquake. Khude is sucking the thumb of his left hand while pulling him out of the rubble. Child in deep sleep. Landed just two months ago. He does not know what an earthquake is. He may not yet be familiar with many words in the world. He met with the worst earthquake of the last few decades before he was familiar with the word earthquake. Many netizens have tears in their eyes after seeing this video on social media.

His mother was rescued from the rubble shortly before the 2-month-old baby was rescued. Meanwhile, another video has also been seen on social media. A four-month-old baby is pulled from the rubble in Turkey's southeastern province of Kahramanmaras. After being under the rubble for about 57 hours, he was brought out by the representatives of the rescue forces. In the video, the crying of the child is clearly heard. Social media is filled with these heartbreaking videos.

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