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Tottus introduced ‘Totti’, a robot with artificial intelligence that guides you through the corridors | Peru | Lime | AI | Spain | Mexico | USA | TECHNOLOGY

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Tottus has presented his robot assistant named “Totti”, who uses artificial intelligence to guide consumers through hypermarket aisles. Totti is available at Tottus in Jockey Plaza.

According to the hypermarket chain, Totti works with a navigation technology called SLAM that allows him to go through each area of ​​the store and an interactive touch screen. Can detect obstacles and stop with a response time of 0.5 seconds.

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Totti is manufactured by Pudu Robotics, a company that produces commercial service robots and Artificial intelligence. It has a weight of 57 kilos, a battery with around 12 hours of autonomy and a casing made of aviation aluminum alloy.

According to Tottus, also is able to ask permissionactivate light effects, respond to touch and play pranks.

Hand in hand with Totti, we are becoming the first supermarket in Peru to implement this type of technology to improve the shopping experience”, explains Alexandra Bottger, Corporate Marketing Manager of Tottus and Fazil.

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It is worth mentioning that this is not the first location in Peru to use this intelligent robot from Pudu Robotics. The original model is called Bellabot and a chicken shop in Lima also uses it to assist customers.

BellaBot inherits the outstanding features of the previous generation, while being endowed with superior human-robot interaction capabilities. With an innovative bionic design language, cute modeling, multi-modal interaction, and many other new features, BellaBot provides users with a food delivery robot experience. without precedents”, notes Pudu Robotics in its Web page.

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