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This is the future that NASA has for airplanes: huge wings with beams | Boing | Electromobility | Transportation | United States | Mexico | TECHNOLOGY

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In this updated world, technology plays a key factor in bringing people closer, and doing it in the most sustainable way. For this reason, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (POT) is working with Boing on a new proposal for planes.

A total of 725 million dollars has been allocated for the project. This will allow aircraft with huge wings supported by diagonal beams. A technology that could end up being used in the next decade.

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This work has received the name of Transonic Truss-Braced Wing (TTBW), or that can also be said Transonic Wing Reinforced with Beams. And it is that the wings are so huge that they need support points.

The first models were designed for the plane to fly between 864 and 726 kilometers per hour, reported the Omicrono page. But this has been overcome with the new concept having an optimized frame and a modified wing sweep.

Thus, currently the project would reach a speed 0.8 times that of sound (987 km/h), still below current aircraft that achieve about 1,000 km/h. With wings measuring 51.8 meters for a single-aisle commercial aircraft, fuel consumption and emissions could be reduced by 30%.

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