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This is how parents should take care of their children during board exams

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This is how parents should take care of their children during board exams

Feb 20, 2023 at 09:04 pm
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This is how parents should take care of their children during board exams
Top tips to take care of kids during board exams (pic: pixabay)

The phase of board exams is tough for the students as well as challenging for the parents.

Parents are worried about how to help their children during the exams and how to provide them the right environment to study.

Today we are going to give you some tips to take care of the children during the examination, using which the children can be kept stress free.

don't pressure kids

During the board exams, parents start nagging the children and pressurizing them to score more marks. Experts advise not to put unnecessary pressure on children to always be on top.

Parents should understand that every child has different abilities and their child will be able to perform according to his/her own limits.

Instead of pressuring the child, you can give him a little incentive to perform well.

get kids excited

Children are under stress at the time of board exams. Many times children get discouraged while studying. In such a situation, encourage your child.

Keep the atmosphere at home positive and tell your child the stories of the struggle of people who have become successful.

If any exam has gone wrong, explain it and ask them to focus on the upcoming exams.

Make them understand that there is no need to put life at stake for the exam.

don't show fear of exam

During the examination, the atmosphere of many homes becomes unusual. Parents become more careful than before. He starts explaining to the children in everything.

Children stop watching TV, using mobiles and going out. This kind of environment makes children upset, they are not able to study properly and mistakes are made in the examination.

Parents are advised to behave normally in front of children.

Parents should not do this work

Children need a peaceful environment to study, so parents should not invite guests or relatives home during exams. Parents should not do any such work, which hinders the studies. Avoid watching TV, listening to songs in loud voice.

time will improve performance

Give full time to the children during the exam. If they are in trouble, find a solution. Explain to them when there is a problem in studies.

Continuous reading increases stress, so give some free time to the children. Do not tamper with the study room of children.

Make sure the child has all the stationery items. Keep the study room clean. Drop off and pick up the children at the exam center on time.

Take care of diet and sleep

During board exams, children work hard day and night and brain needs energy to work, so give easily digestible and nutritious food to children.

Include milk, dry fruits, oats and pulses in the diet of children. Do not give them junk food and cold drinks etc. at all. The sugar and salt present in them increase laziness.

It is important for parents to ensure that their child gets enough sleep before the exam.

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