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This app with augmented reality allows you to preview the tattoos | Application | Spain | Mexico | United States | TECHNOLOGY

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With the advancement of technologyLittle by little we are witnessing new tools that transform our way of living; in the way we act and interact. One of them is augmented reality that allows users to visualize the real world in an enhanced way with digital graphic elements. and there is a application that uses this concept to help users who want to get tattoos.

The platform is called Ink Hunter and allows people to have a preview of how a design would look on some part of their body. Users can try on different models made by artists just using their cell phone camera.

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Regarding its use, the first thing the person should do is mark two parallel vertical lines and one transversally in the part where the tattoo will go. After that, using the application, the camera is used using it as a scanner to be able to choose an available model. And so with augmented reality you can visualize as if you really had the tattoo.

This application, which is available in the Google Play Store and Apple Store, helps people to be more secure in their decision, since it allows them to have an almost real preview of what will be captured.

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