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These myths related to UPSC exam increase the tension among the candidates, know their truth

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These myths related to UPSC exam increase the tension among the candidates, know their truth

Feb 22, 2023 at 08:45 pm
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These myths related to UPSC exam increase the tension among the candidates, know their truth
Myths related to UPSC

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts Civil Services Examination every year. Lakhs of students take part in this examination.

There are many myths in the society and social media regarding the UPSC exam. These unnecessary myths increase the stress among the aspirants and they get nervous even before starting the preparation.

In this article, we are going to tell you some such myths and their truth related to Civil Services Examination.

only toppers can pass the exam

Regarding UPSC Civil Services Examination, most of the people believe that only toppers can succeed in the exam, whereas it is wrong to say so.

If we look at the list of IAS toppers, many toppers were average or weak students till class 12th. Previous academic performance does not matter in this exam.

The success of the candidate depends on the kind of strategy he/she studied for the exam.

Candidates must remember all the facts

Candidates preparing for UPSC should know everything and remember all the facts. This myth creates tension among the candidates.

UPSC syllabus is vast and it is not possible to remember all the facts. Instead of memorizing all the facts, the focus should be on developing analytical abilities along with conceptual clarity.

IAS aspirants should be aware of every subject and should be aware of current affairs.

You will not succeed without coaching

There is no need to do coaching to crack UPSC exam. In the age of internet, everything is available at a click. Apart from internet, you can also study through current affairs magazines, notes and youtube channels.

should study 16 hours a day

Another myth related to IAS preparation is that candidates should study for 16 hours a day. It is wrong to say so.

The number of hours depends on the individual. Some candidates study for 14 hours while some are able to study only for 6 hours.

Instead of focusing on the number of hours of study, focus on daily study. Sitting with books for hours does not give success in the examination.

should read more and more books

The most important thing during the UPSC exam is that the candidates should not use different books for the same subject.

Decide the sources to read according to the syllabus of the exam, then study these during preparation.

Read only the best books on any one subject. To increase the understanding of the subject, you can read more books in the beginning, but later keep revising the information.

Make notes for each topic

It is not necessary to make notes of each and every topic while preparing for UPSC exam. Some subjects can be studied directly from magazines or books. This saves time. Read each book 3-4 times, then revise the information and make notes.

Must go to Delhi

One of the biggest myths among the aspirants preparing for IAS is that only students who go to Delhi are successful in the exam.

Looking at the results of UPSC exam, there are many candidates who passed the exam by staying at home.

No need to go anywhere to pass the exam. Create a good atmosphere wherever you live.

Study honestly. With good planning and consistent hard work, you can clear the exam.

turn off social media completely

UPSC aspirants are advised to stop using social media completely, but this is not correct. If the candidates use social media properly then it will help in the preparation of the exam.

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