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The woman reached the hospital with the snake that bit her

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Ganesh Prasad reports from Aurangabad: On Monday, there was chaos in Aurangabad Sadar Hospital when a woman reached there with a snake in her bag. The relatives of the woman told the doctors that the same snake had bitten her.

Curiosity about snake and woman

However, when the hospital staff came to know that the snake was dead, everyone heaved a sigh of relief. There was an atmosphere of curiosity for some time after listening to the woman who had brought a snake to the hospital. People came to see the woman and the snake.

Snakes were brought to see the doctors

According to the information, the case is related to Simra Jamshed village. Here Malti Devi was working in the house. During this the snake bit him. The woman called her family members for help. After coming, the relatives killed the snake by thrashing it with stones. When the condition of the woman deteriorated, she was rushed to the hospital. The family members also took the snake to the hospital to show it to the doctors.

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