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The Galaxy s23 Ultra has Finally been Revealed

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The Galaxy s23 Ultra has finally been Revealed and all some spec changes that we didn't expect to see but first story of the day we've got news from the Galaxy that the whole s23 series is going to be slightly delayed and the reason is down to pricing confusion it was initially reported that the Galaxy s23 would be released in late January or early February but the Galaxy now tells us it's going to be mid to late Feb because they can't decide on a final price.

Now hopefully this could mean that they're working hard on price reduction but we're gonna have to wait and see as we approach the official launch now next up we've got news from Galaxy club that the s23 ultra is going to have a 12 megapixel sensor for the selfie camera this is the same as the Galaxy s23 and the s23 plus while many are reporting this is bad news though it's really not more megapixels it means more detail but it's also less light per pixel so it doesn't necessarily result in better photos 12 megapixels is still enough for 4K photos and videos from the selfie camera we've seen many other phones that perform brilliantly with a 12 megapixel sensor and even at the 108 megapixel primary camera on the predecessor bins down to 12 megapixels most of the time.

Next up we've got the first live reveal of the Galaxy s23 series but it is in the form of dummy models dummy models generally come from CAD leaks by case manufacturers though at this late stage they generally tend to be very accurate the s23 ultra model shows a phone that looks identical to the predecessor at first glance but it does have some differences now the phone is slightly taller and wider but it's also thinner we've also got flatter sides and a bit more of an aggressive curve and as we always expect we'll also be getting some thinner bezels.

The s23 and the s23 plus also have more rounded Corners than their predecessors as well as being a little bit taller but the biggest change is the removal of the rectangular camera module on the rear and they've also got a design much more similar to the s23 ultra's cameras well the s23 series it looks similar to the predecessors the main change is going to to be in hardware and it's actually the biggest change we've seen for a very long time.

The Galaxy s23 series completely doing away with their in-house exynos chipset and they're providing the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for all regions but it's also a faster version of qualcomm's Chip this is going to give the s23 the best performance of any Android smartphone on the market and coupled with their new 200 MP primary camera on the ultra we're expecting very good things with launch being so close it's surprising that we haven't had any leaked unboxings or videos yet but as soon as anything comes in I'll be sharing it straight away.


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