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Syria miracle baby: The newborn is crying under the concrete well! Turkey-Syria earthquake: A miracle baby born under debris in Afrin

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miracle baby born under debris of earthquake: A different sound suddenly came to the ears of the rescuers amid the wailing that spanned the horizon. A newborn baby's cry was heard from beneath the concrete rubble.

Syria miracle baby: The newborn is crying under the concrete well!  'Miracle' creation amid earthquake devastation

A massive rescue operation is underway to rescue the newborn

Damascus: Signs of devastation all around. Between Monday and Tuesday, Turkey-Syria was hit by five strong earthquakes. The weather is heavy with grief over the loss of loved ones. Amidst the wailing that spanned the horizon, a different sound suddenly reached the ears of the rescuers. A newborn baby's cry was heard from beneath the concrete rubble. Soon after, the huge concrete block was removed and the child was rescued. Miraculously, the baby landed under the rubble of collapsed buildings in Syria. And so he is called 'Miracle Child'.

Not much is known about this miraculous newborn and his family. However, according to sources, even though he was born in the midst of destruction, none of his parents survived the disaster. So he became an orphan at birth. It is known that his mother went into labor during the first earthquake last Monday morning. In that situation, their house collapsed. His mother gave birth to the child under the rubble. He died during childbirth. His father also could not survive this terrible disaster. When the rescuers removed the concrete chatanga and reached her, they found that Nadi's connection with the mother had not been severed.

It is also known that the child's family is actually a resident of Syria's Deir Ezzor province. But they were displaced due to long years of fierce war. The child's parents fled to Afrin to escape the war. But unfortunately, they could not survive the impact of the earthquake. After hearing the cries of the newborn from under the rubble, a massive rescue operation was launched in the Zenderes countryside of Afrin to rescue him. The newborn was rescued despite the darkness, rain and severe winter. A shocking video footage shows rescuers pulling the child covered in dust from the rubble.

After the rescue, the child is being treated at the hospital

A 7.8-magnitude earthquake shook large parts of Turkey and Syria early Monday morning. Since then, four more major earthquakes have hit the region within 24 hours. It is considered to be one of the worst natural disasters of this century. Thousands of people died, thousands of buildings were destroyed. Various countries of the world, including India, stand by Turkey-Syria in this situation. Rescue teams have been dispatched from dozens of countries. A search for life continues in a forest of collapsed concrete-iron rods across Turkey-Syria. However, it is very cold in this region at the moment. Experts say that as time goes on in this situation, the chances of people being trapped in the rubble are decreasing. And so the death march continues.

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