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Sunday Night Football 3 Best affordable ways to stream

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Sunday Night Football is here. Best and most affordable ways to stream Sunday night football without cable coming up.


Now, first up, we have Peacock with Peacock. You can watch Sunday Night Football at the same time that it airs on NBC on either the premium plan or premium plus plan. What's more, if you sign up for the premium plus plan beginning on November 30th. Not only will you have access to Sunday Night Football, but you'll have a 24 seven live feed of your local NBC station.

So that way you can watch all of the football games that are on your local NBC station, whether it is on Sunday Night Football on that time slot or not. Now with Peacock Premium, normally it is $4.99 a month for the regular plan or 9.99 a month for the premium plus plan. That plan does also remove advertising from the on demand shows and movies and lets you download things to watch them offline. Now take note while they do have a free plan that does not include access to live sports, you do have to sign up for a paid membership which at less than ten bucks a month. It's already cheaper than some of their competitors.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, they have a deal going on where you can get up to 12 months of Peacock Premium for $0.99 per month, or you can get premium plus for 5.99 a month. Save big now to sign up for Peacock or just to see what their latest pricing.

Live TV Streaming Service

This second way to stream Sunday Night football without cable is with a live TV streaming service. Now with live TV streaming services, you can get access to the same channels that you would get with a cable subscription, but because it's over the Internet, there's no need for a month to month contract, no need for an equipment. Everything works over the Internet and you can cancel at any time. That means when NFL season is over, if you want to pack it up and wait until the season starts up again, you can almost do that. Now, these streaming services are not only going to give you access to NBC, but you could also get access to the other broadcast networks, to ESPN, to the NFL Network. This is a good way to get a wide lineup of channels. We'll have a chart here on the screen that includes the ones that have NBC right now. That's going to be YouTube, TV, Hulu Plus, Live TV, Fubotv, DirecTV Stream, as well as Sling TV.

Now, the thing with Sling is they only include NBC and certain markets. And I will include those cities on the screen right here and now.

NFL Plus

The final way to stream Sunday night football without cable is with NFL Plus. Now, if you have watched anything football related, whether it's on TV, whether it's watching a YouTube video, you've likely seen commercials for NFL. Plus, it's the new streaming service from NFL. And this gives you access to games, both local and out-of-market from the start of the season all the way up until the Super Bowl.

Technically speaking, it is the cheapest way to get access to as many live NFL games as possible. However, there is a major caveat that is that you can only watch the live NFL games using a mobile device like a smartphone or a tablet. You can't watch it on your laptop, you can't watch it on TV. You can't even cast it from your phone to your TV using Apple airplay or something like that. But if you don't mind watching games on your phone, this method is way cheaper to get access to not just Sunday Night Football, but a whole bunch of other games as well.

Now, as for the pricing for NFL plus, it is either 4.99 a month or 39.99 per year, and that is after a seven day free trial. So if you're looking to watch a specific game and you want to just sign up for the trial and cancel after, you can also do that. They do also have an NFL plus premium plan. This one is either 9.99 a month or 79.99 per year and also includes a free trial. The difference with this plan is that it gives you access to not just the live games, but you can do replays that are ad free as well. And both of these plans with NFL Plus include 24 seven access to the NFL Network now to sign up for NFL Plus.

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