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South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula: what’s the Situation There in Port Lincoln Right Now

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Firefighters are continuing to battle Ablaze on South Australia's Eyre Peninsula with authorities confirming a number of properties have been affected.

what's the Situation There in Port Lincoln Right Now

Thankfully it's a much cooler morning today compared to yesterday where we had 40 degree winds howling throughout Port Lincoln which unfortunately started a grass fire which eventually turned into a Bushfire there was an emergency warning out yesterday but firefighters have been working tirelessly overnight to contain the fire and thankfully it's now contained to 113 hectares.

However there has been some reports of six properties damaged and we get to find out more on numbers for that as the CFS get a bit closer to the fire and the and the Damage there but uh for now where a lot of residents are very happy and just driving through the city you can see that the fire really just went on the doorstep of so many houses and people here just extremely thankful to the CFS firefighters for for their time here.

Six properties affected is it no it's just not clear at this stage if any homes have been lost

Six properties including homes and sheds we don't have numbers on that yet anecdotally we have heard of one home that has unfortunately burnt down but yeah like I said we're still waiting for the CFS to confirm.

What's the forecast for the coming days

Today as I said it's a lot cooler but next week we're looking at up to 40 degrees again tops of 40 so the firefighters will be on their toes but people here are very prepared one thing though is that behind me you can see that a tip is still burning so there is a warning out there for residents to close their Windows close their doors and stay safe inside as the smoke may be quite hazardous due to the fishing rope and Plastics inside of that dump behind me.

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