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Sonu Nigam was assaulted during a live event

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Sonu Nigam Attacked: Singer Sonu Nigam and his team members were reported to have been assaulted in Chembur, Mumbai. The incident is being told of a live event on Monday evening. A video going viral on social media shows a man from Sonu's team pushing him off the stage. After the incident, a case has been registered at Chembur Police Station on behalf of Sonu Nigam and his team.

According to the information, the police is engaged in the investigation through the viral video. Police officers are talking to Sonu Nigam to find out about the incident. It is being said that Sonu Nigam was in Chembur to attend a program organized by Shiv Sena (UBT) leader Prakash Faterpekar.

What is the allegation of Sonu Nigam's team

Sonu Nigam's team has claimed that MLA Prakash Faterpekar's son misbehaved with Sonu Nigam's manager and asked him to leave the stage. It was informed by the team that 'When Sonu Nigam was coming down from the stage after performing, the MLA's son first pushed Sonu Nigam's bodyguard Hari and then pushed Sonu.

It is being said that Rabbani Khan, son of Sonu Nigam's maestro, was also present in this event. They have also been manhandled. Rabbani Khan suffered multiple injuries and was immediately taken to the Zen Hospital in Chembur. Sonu Nigam is shaken by this whole incident. He has not suffered any kind of injury. Rabbani is undergoing treatment.

MLA of Uddhav faction gave this clarification

After the allegation made by Sonu Nigam's team, Uddhav faction MLA Prakash Faterpekar said that when Sonu Nigam was getting down from the stage, some people rushed to take selfies with the singer. Seeing the crowd, Sonu Nigam's bodyguards were trying to remove the crowd, but by mistake a person from Sonu Nigam's team got pushed.

Police registered a case under these sections

Police said that based on the complaint of Sonu Nigam, a case has been registered under sections 323, 341 and 337 of the IPC. DCP Hemraj Singh Rajput told reporters that the name of the accused is Swapnil Futterpekar. He said, “I have spoken to Sonu Nigam. The accused wanted to take a selfie or did it to get some media attention, we will investigate further to find out the reason.”

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