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A woman obsessed with serial killers who stabbed her boyfriend to death with a knife has been found guilty of murder. Shaye Groves slit the throat of 25-year-old Frankie Fitzgerald before plunging the knife into her chest 17 times at her home in Hampshire, United Kingdom.

The 27-year-old British woman, who used information from several documentaries about serial killers and true crimes to plan her murder, tried to present himself as the victim during a trial at Winchester Crown Court. Groves will be sentenced next Wednesday in court.

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Steven Perian KC, the prosecutor in charge of the case, said Groves acted out of jealousy on July 17 last year, after discovering that his victim had been messaging a 13-year-old girl on Facebook. Groves he had knives, viking axes and portraits of serial killers on her bedroom wall.

“It is very likely that the murder of Frankie Fitzgerald be a crime of passion driven by his jealousy"said the prosecutor. According to BBCthe body cameras of police officers who arrived at the crime scene recorded Groves telling officers that the Fitzgerald had tried to attack her.

Shaye Groves decorated her bedroom with portraits of serial killers.  (Photo: Hampshire Constabulary)

Shaye Groves decorated her bedroom with portraits of serial killers. (Photo: Hampshire Constabulary)

He posed as a victim

Prosecutor Perian noted that Groves used the knowledge gained from documentaries about serial killers to present herself to a friend as a victim of sexual violence.

She sent the friend videos of the couple having sex, edited so that it looks like a rapebut the prosecution said that the original images showed that everything was actually consensual.

“The Crown says that the defendant, by reading and watching murder documentaries, she was familiar with the crime sceneshow to create a false narrative and how to establish a false alibi”said the prosecutor.

"She deliberately created a false narrative of being abused by Frankie Fitzgerald, a false alibi she sent to Vicky Baitup and she was cleaning up the crime scene after watching these documentaries."he added.

justice assured

After the conviction, the jury was told that Groves had been selling cannabis. “Our thoughts, above all, They are with the family of Frankie Fitzgeraldsaid Nicola Burton, of Hampshire Police.

“I would like to commend your courage and hope that the verdict gives them a little relief, despite knowing that nothing can fill the void left in their family by the loss of Frankie. I hope that the sentence Groves receives in due time gives them peace of mind that justice has been secured for Frankie."said.

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