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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra colors stated after cases leak online

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The Samsung Galaxy S23 news hasnt all been satisfying this week. In fact, Samsung's adjacent-door flagships may be getting delayed because the company can't examine what it's going to disagreement for its 2023 handsets. But at least we now have a beautiful determined idea of what colors the irregular phones will come in especially the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

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A leak from tipster Evan Blass regarding Twitter revealed that the Galaxy S23 Ultra S Pen will come in Cream, Green, Lavender and Phantom Black. The color of the stylus tends to accede the colors of the phone itself, as a upshot it's a pretty safe bet that the the S23 Ultra will be handy in Cream, Green, Lavender and Phantom Black, too assuming Blass is truthful roughly the S Pen colors.

There's some combat in the midst of Blass' leak and previous reports roughly Samsung Galaxy S23 colors. In November, leaker Roland Quandt tweeted out S Pen colors for the Galaxy S23 Ultra, claiming the stylus would come in Black, Green, Rose (aka bring to liveliness Pink), Beige.

It's realizable that the differences here are a issue of semantics. Quandt's Rose/Light Pink could be Blass' Lavender, even if the Beige color might be other post for Cream. Regardless, nothing is qualified until we hear from Samsung.

Unfortunately, as previously mentioned, that may consent to some epoch. While we had been expecting the set in motion of the Galaxy S23 lineup in alleviate on February 2023, it seems that Samsung yet hasnt set its pricing for the auxiliary phones.

Thankfully, it seems that the forgive date may abandoned profit pushed till future in February consequently hopefully, we wont be kept waiting long.

Samsung Galaxy S23 cases leaked

In subsidiary to the S Pen colors leak, we moreover got a see at some of the cases for the Samsung Galaxy S23 lineup. As you saw in the earlier slideshow, the list provided by Blass is a long one.

Luckily, Mobile Fun UK was clever to find the maintenance for us considering a see at some of these cases, specifically the Galaxy S23 SmartView lawsuit in Cream, the Galaxy S23 Ultra SmartView act in Lilac (Lavender), the S23 Silicon Case in Khaki (Green) and the S23 Ultra Leather Case in Camel. It's worth remembering that trial makers often present cases back a phone's actual flyer, and what could eventually ship might wind occurring looking quite oscillate than the images above. Still, its fun to appearance what cases you could be accessorizing your supplementary phone when arrive February.

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