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Samsung Galaxy S23 – The Most Powerful Android Phone

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Samsung Galaxy s23 is going to be the most powerful Android phone thanks to a new deal from Qualcomm on top of many impressive specs so first story of the day before we get into that we had news last week that the Galaxy s23 Ultra is coming with a new more efficient display capable of 2,200 nits of peak brightness now this makes it the brightest display on any smartphone in the market we've now got news that it also features a new gorilla glass protection making it the strongest display as well but we don't know what the exact name of this protection yet on top of that we're hearing it there's going to be a new glass covering the rear cameras and this is not only to help but protect the camera but it's also going to enhance the image quality especially in the low light conditions with this on top of their new 200MP primary camera we've got high hopes for the Galaxy s23 photography.

Galaxy s23 launch events

New report that Samsung is going to go back to hosting live launch events where people are going to attend in person and the first one is going to be for the Galaxy s23 series now there are a few sources claiming that this launch event and it was going to be held in late January but a new report says it's going to be in San Francisco during the first week of February so it's still not long until we get to see the Galaxy s23 the devices are going to be looking pretty much identical to the predecessors and this time the focus has been on improving the hardware the software and the usability.

Galaxy s23 display

Now the display bezels are going to remain pretty much the same as last year's models apart from on the standard Galaxy s23 rice Universe confirms it's going to be 0.15 millimeters wider now this is no doubt something to do with the new display that's being used but to be honest 0.15 millimeters is pretty much nothing and you're really not going to notice with the

Galaxy s23

Galaxy s23 series is really going to excel this year it's going to be on the chipset and as we discussed last week we've already had impressive benchmarks leaked that not only show great scores but they also show it's using an overclocked version of the Snapdragon hn2 and we now know why the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is being produced by tsmc on their n4p node and this is known as the AC variant but Samsung boundary are going to be manufacturing a different version for Qualcomm known as the a b version this is manufactured on Samsung's 4 nanometer LP process now this is the only news we have on it at the moment and it's assumed but not guaranteed that this version could be exclusive to Samsung phones and this means it's going to outperform every other Android smartphone on the market so it means that the Galaxy s23 is going to be the fastest Android phone available now given that there's no exynos this year either we also assume it's going to be in all three versions of the Galaxy s23 which is great news for Samsung fans now that's all the news we have today.

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