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Samsung Galaxy S23 Review, Opinion and Release date

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Well, everyone at the Samsung Galaxy S 23 is going to be a pretty crazy phone from everything that I can probably see from all the rumors and everything coming out, it is going to be a very good upgrade, I would say for the most part coming from the Samsung Galaxy s 22.

Samsung Galaxy S23, S22, S21

Now the S 22, I thought it was a pretty good phone and that in and of itself was a pretty big upgrade from the S 21. But the thing with the S 23 is that it's probably going to end up fixing a lot of these chip issues that we've had with the S 21 or the 22 for that matter. The Snapdragon eight Gen one was, I thought, a pretty good chipset. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE This Phone is still an Amazing Device

Samsung Galaxy S23 Release date

It just wasn't optimized that well and that with yes, 23 hopefully this will end up actually fixing itself. Now first of all, this phone is coming out just in the next few months, like it's not going to be out like in a year from now. This phone is literally about to come out probably around that February time frame, in my opinion. Some people have said like January could come up. I doubt it. I think is probably going to end up becoming February.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Features

Now, the design will probably end up looking very similar to the SE 22. So there's not really going to be a change there. I think maybe, just maybe the SE 23 plus could get a 1440p display. But even that I doubt like I kind of do feel like it's probably going to end up being the same exact thing.

Just 23 Ultra, on the other hand, is probably going to be a really big upgrade coming from the SE 22 Ultra hopefully. But what these standardize 23, what kind of see how that goes now with the processor inside, like I said, this is going to be the big change. This is going to be the reason why most people would probably end up going from an S 22 to an SE 23. And if that Snapdragon eight Gen two is a massive upgrade, Samsung within the lifespan of the SE 23 may actually end up going through and supporting these phones a little bit longer in the software department, even longer than maybe the SE 22 will So typically it's like the four years of software updates. We could be seeing a change again to five years within the S 23 lifetime.

So that is another big thing to keep in mind as well. Now the build quality is still going to be very good. The design still wouldn't be very good even if it looks very similar to the SE 22. The cameras, in my opinion, have still been one of the biggest things that Samsung has just been focusing on, and they have been doing a tremendous job in that camera department. In my opinion, Samsung makes some of the best cameras of all time, and that is a really big thing here. I love these cameras. They do really, really good and pretty much all lighting conditions. And as I mentioned for a few years now, Samsung, I would say ever since they put in that s 20, I think they've been killing it in the camera department.

Samsung Galaxy S23 and iPhone 14

There's some ways the iPhones are better, but for the most part, the S 23 and the camera department is probably going to probably outlast the iPhone 14 in that department, too.

iPhone 11, 12 and the iPhone 13 Big price drop

Now, I will also add, yes, even though they will look similar and although the iPhones, they have their different things going forward to, there are also some things Samsung's doing that I'm not a fan of. It looks like they're going to from some rumors cheap the haptic feedback, if they're going to be making some decisions in that department. Again, I'm not a fan of that. I hope they don't do it. There's really not much we can do as at this point. But I do think if all the even if some of the rumors are true, the Samsung Galaxy s 23 can be in a very good position where it could take over a lot of the sales of the iPhone 14. So I'd love to hear your thoughts about this.

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