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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE This Phone is still an Amazing Device

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While everyone. It's time for us to go out and take a look at basically the Samsung Galaxy s 20 FE and see how this device holds up in the later part of 2022. Now, personally, I think this phone is still an amazing device for sure. And this originated the lineup. I was a fan of the lineup from the day this phone came out because it basically made sense.

It was supposed to be a cheaper phone of the flagship, and that's kind of what the lineup has been. There's only been two so far. Apparently the lineup is going to end, which is going to be very sad. I've done a few different videos of this thing before already, and what I'll definitely tell you is it's still stands the test of time and it's still a very good phone for sure.

Now, on the outside, not much has changed from my other Post on this thing, but I will tell you some things that have changed. The brand new one UI version is coming out and it's supported on this phone, but also the brand new Z Flip Z folds came out. The S 22 came out earlier this year and from everything that I've seen in all the development, one thing is for sure a phone like this is still holding up very well. But the S 21 F, in my opinion, was a very good upgrade from this device.

This one came on in 2020. So it's been about two years, over two years since this device came out. And I'm a fan of it. You know, I think it's a very good phone and it still holds up very well. The body of this thing, the plastic back was the one thing I'm not a fan of, but that 6.5 inch display on the front is still very nice under 20 hertz. And I still think if you're buying this phone or planning to buy it in the later part of 2022, I still think you're going to be perfectly fine. For the most part. There are some things to kind of keep in mind, though. One of those big things that kind of concerns me the most probably comes down to the actual price tag and how long this phone is going to be supported. So the price tag of this phone, surprisingly, it's still kind of high.

I feel like you can get a Galaxy S20 for cheaper than what this thing is, and that is a way better deal than this device, but also the support and the availability of this phone, meaning how long this phone is going to be supported. It's not going to be as high as some people think. I think it's going to end up with the S 20, which came out early 2020. So some people just assume that because this phone came out after the SX 20 that it made support, maybe support a little bit longer. That is not going to be the case as far as I can tell. I do believe that the S 20 is still going to be supported probably for another year. I'm hoping it ends up getting support for another year or so, but as far as I can tell, we're not 100% sure. And this phone is probably going to be at one of the last versions of software right now.

So that is basically where we are at. I personally do think that in this specific situation, the SE 20 F is still a very good phone, still has really good battery life and it's still in decent build quality. The things that keep in mind though, that I love about this phone micro SD card slot, I love the fact that this phone has it. I love the fact that this phone is built so well for having a plastic back. You know the plastic back. I'm not that big of a fan of, but it's still something to keep in mind. It's a cheaper phone. I understand this thing has a reverse wireless charging and it has a lot of different things built in within it. But if you can't afford the Galaxy s 20, that would definitely be a far better phone to pick up. That has a lot more power and has a lot more, I guess, a future ahead of it. I think that is the best way to describe it. But regardless, you can't go wrong with this device either, so that pretty much covers it up. If you have any other thoughts or questions, let me know in the comments section below.

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