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Russian President Vladimir Putin saying Russia is ready for talks

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Russian President Vladimir Putin saying Russia is ready for talks to end the war in Ukraine. it's not the first time Putin has offered to negotiate and Ukrainian officials have already dismissed the offer as not serious.

Putin's offer comes as Russia's attacks on Ukraine continued on Christmas Day after air strikes hit the southern Ukrainian city of hair salon on Christmas Eve killing 10 people and wounding 55 more Ukraine's president urging his countrymen to keep the faith we will celebrate our holidays as always we'll smile and be happy he said in a Christmas Eve message let's see as a dilska and her family are doing just that they're cooking over a gas camping stove.

But from the front lines to the home front Christmas carries on Russian bombs leveled the coveton family house in makarib outside Kiev.

So last Christmas at this time you were making Christmas dinner here yes we were decorating a Christmas tree here with handmade toys she said now they live in a prefab modular home next door their Christmas tree smaller than they're used to oksana's seven-year-old grandson David let me decorate it with him David's parents Vitaly and Tatiana told me David was distraught when his home was destroyed it was tough for us to accept what happened she told me much less to explain it to David the boys on the front are always front of Mind vitaly's brother Mahalo is deployed as a military cook he's busy cooking Christmas dinner for his comrades.

They are Mahalo responds even though they're not at home they're in a good mood a bit of Christmas spirit even as this war rages on and guys Christmas here was political St Michael's Cathedral behind me for the first time ever held a Christmas Mass yesterday on December 25th as opposed to waiting until January 7th that's when it's normally celebrated in Russia and that's because more ukrainians want to celebrate Christmas the way they do it in Western Europe.

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