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Russia-Ukraine War | US reminds UK to train Ukrainians in weapons | Volodymyr Zelensky | Vladimir Putin | Anthony Blinken | WORLD

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The Secretary of State for USA, Anthony Blinkenrecalled this Wednesday that it is not just about sending weapons to Ukrainebut Ukrainian soldiers must also be trained in the use and maintenance of this equipment.

This is how the leader of US diplomacy responded at a press conference when questioned about the decision of United Kingdom to study the delivery of fighters to Ukraine, a step that USA has not given for now.

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Just as important is the Ukrainians' ability to use weapons effectively and that, in some cases, requires a lot of training. And maintenance is just as important.Blinken said.

For this reason, the Secretary of State claimed that the shipment of weapons to Ukraine to face the Russian invasion complies with "a coherent strategy”.

The foreign minister promised that the United States will continue to work with the Ukrainian government and its Western allies so that “Ukraine has everything it needs to defend itself”.

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Blinken recalled that two weeks ago the United States announced the delivery to kyiv of its Abrams tankswhile Germany send to Leopard tanks and the UK challenger tanks. Until then, the United States had opposed sending Abrams to Ukraine, citing difficulties for its maintenance.

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