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Russia-Ukraine war: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says his country will put an end to “threats from the West” | Volodymyr Zelensky | Vladimir Putin | WORLD

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Russia It will put an end to threats against its security from the West, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov declared this Friday during a meeting convened on the occasion of the Day of the Russian diplomat.

"There can be no doubt about it, We will reliably put an end to the threat to national security from the West." he claimed.

The head of Russian diplomacy noted that "the Russian Army and Navy faced the challenge with dignity" and that "the diplomatic service continues to do everything necessary to strengthen national sovereignty, to neutralize external challenges far from our borders."

“We would like to underline once again that the accusations or threats before the decisions we make to guarantee our vital national interests They never affected and will not affect what we do", said.

Lavrov noted that the isolation of Russia from the rest of the worldis the fruit of a prolific imagination”, pointing out that, on the contrary, those who "grossly violate the UN Charter, which criminally attacked Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, who stained themselves with the bloody crimes of colonialism."

"And of course, Those who annually vote against or abstain from the resolution (presented by Russia) of the UN General Assembly on the exaltation of Nazism are deeply isolated. added.

According to the Foreign Minister, Russian diplomacy falls “the responsibility of enforcing the decisions of the Government of our country in matters of foreign policy”.

"First of all to create an enabling environment that guarantees the dynamic internal development of Russia", a task set by the Russian president, Vladimir Putinhe explained.

He warned that the West, led by the US, will try to prevent the creation of this "enabling environment."

“Until recently, they played a decisive role regarding what the conditions of international relations, the economy and finances would be. It is precisely they who have abused their power so much that the whole world has understood that things cannot continue like this." Indian.

Russia, he concluded, will continue to seek “the creation of external conditions based on the harmony and balance of interests of all states, and not on the dictates of the West”.

Several months before launching its military campaign in Ukraine, Russia presented demands to the West to reshape the security architecture in Europe and insisted on a comprehensive solution to its concerns, which, if not addressed, would be resolved by "technical-military" means.

Faced with the Western refusal to listen to Russian demands, the Kremlin began the so-called "special military operation" in Ukraine, which will be one year old on the 24th.

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