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Recommendations For The Best TVs under $1000 – Best Quality, largest Size 2023

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You can find a 4k of TVs for less than $1000 there are more and more high-end TVs available for less than $1000 and while you can usually only find 55-inch models for this price If you want the best performance there are some good 65 inch models available companies like tcl today sense make inexpensive tvs for good value so getting one of their tvs is usually a safe bet plus tvs tend to drop in price a few months after they are released.

It's a great way to find a TV in this price range and below are our recommendations for the best TVs under $1000


You can get for under 1000 dollars is the LG OLED48C2PUA Although it is a little small it is a remarkable tv that offers by far the best quality of picture you can get for around $1000 its an excellent tv that looks amazing in dark rooms thanks to its nearly infinite contrast ratio it means it has perfect black levels with no flare around bright objects making it a an ideal choice for watching movies in a dark room it's also a fantastic TV for gaming thanks to its near-instantaneous response time resulting in crystal-clear motion with no motion blur around fast-moving objects has low input lag and a great selection of gaming features including HDMI bandwidth 2.1 so you can play 4k roba 120hz with the latest consoles or pc the egg built in smart interface is fast and easy to use with a fantastic selection of streaming apps.

Hisense 55U8h


If you want something bigger for the same cost check out Hisense 55U8h it's Different from the LG C2 OLED because it has a different type of panel with strengths and weaknesses rather than having a nearly infinite contrast ratio with perfect black levels this TV gets very bright making it an ideal choice for use in bright and dark rooms. brings out highlights still has a high native contrast ratio and the local dimming feature is great which improves image quality in dark scenes and makes it a great choice for watching sdr or hdr movies out of the box accuracy is excellent so you won't have to calibrate it to get a realistic image and it doesn't have any problem to improve the control Low-res sound makes it ideal for watching DVDs or cable TV if you stream your favorite content The Google TV interface is easy to use and the built-in microphone on the remote gives you access to the Google Assistant to work with other devices smart in your home.

TCL 65R646

If you are looking for something even bigger the TCL 65R646 is the best 65 inch tv under $1000 it is very similar to the and sense8h in terms of features but the tradeoff of getting a bigger tv for the same price It is that it has a worse overall performance for example it has a high native contrast ratio like hisense and a full array local dimming function However the local dimming is worse on the tcl because it does not improve the image quality as much but the overall performance is still decent it also gets bright enough to combat glare and ref handling far is great so visibility is not an issue just like isense comes with google tv as its built in smart platform so you get the same great apps an easy to use smart interface a mic on the remote and another mic inside the TV to access voice assistant features if you watch movies is compatible with dolby vision and hdr10+ which means you can watch hdr content at its capabilities and displays four channel content with no problem.

Samsung UN75AU8000FXZA

If you want the largest size you can get for less than $1000 look for the SAMSUNG UN75AU8000FXZA as you get bigger and stay the same price you lose a lot of features and performance And that's the case here since it 's an entry level tv available in a large size you don't get none of the high-end features of TCL 6 Series/R646 2021 such as matrix local dimming function co Full screen and high peak brightness But it's still a decent TV that looks good in dark rooms as it displays deep blacks with excellent black uniformity It comes with Samsung's proprietary Tizen smart platform which is also easy to use in menu navigation feels seamless the voice assistant feature gives you access to bixby Alexa and Google assistant so you can choose your preferred system to complement other devices around the house Watching content from cable boxes no problem upscaling even the lowest resolution with 480p content which is ideal for watching DVDs.

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