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Rat in Metro: Video: The rat is disturbing the sleep of passengers in the metro! Laughter Rolls On Netpara – Watch Video: Rat climbs onto sleeping passenger in NY metro, video goes viral

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Rat in Metro: The person was sleeping in the metro. At that time, sleep was broken due to the rat crawling on him.

Rat in Metro: Video: The rat is disturbing the sleep of passengers in the metro!  Rolls of laughter

Image courtesy: Twitter

New York: We sometimes feel tired due to daily busyness. Office, home, social life - everything takes a lot of effort to maintain balance every day. In the midst of this busyness we want to find 'me'. To maintain this balance we get tired. And because of that, we take a nap on the tram-bus or metro. But there is no shortage of annoying people. As seen in the case of a subway in New York. A man falls asleep while traveling in the metro. And a rat is climbing up his body. But he does not wake up at all. And that video has already gone viral on social media.

A video of a rat crawling on a man's body inside the metro has gone viral. It is known that the video was made in the New York subway. In the video, it is seen that a person is sitting in the moving metro. Metro rooms are quite empty. One or two people are in that room. A man slept with his left leg spread. Head leaning on railing. And a mouse is climbing up his leg. Then the rat climbs up his body. The mouse is playing with hands and feet.

At first the person did not wake up even after the appearance of rats in his body. Thinking that something has fallen on him, he is seen to remove it with his hands while sleeping. Even then, the rat did not move from the body and the person pushed it away with his hand. However, he did not seem to be upset at all because of the rat. He was seen to remove the rat quite thoughtlessly. The rest of the passengers present in the metro were also surprised to see his calm demeanor. Many are heard laughing in the background. And many are discussing the person's calm demeanor. And as soon as this video is posted on social media, it has spread wildly.

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