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Pakistani man wants to marry 100, gives divorce after having a child

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Pakistani man wants to marry 100, gives divorce after having a child

Feb 21, 2023 at 06:54 pm
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Pakistani man wants to marry 100, gives divorce after having a child
pakistani man wants to marry 100

Marriage is very important, so it is advised to perform the marriage in every difficulty. However, the thinking of an unknown elder living in Pakistan is completely different from this.

The 60-year-old Pakistani veteran intends to do a total of 100 marriages. Moving in this direction, the old man has done 26 marriages so far and has divorced 22 of these wives after having a child.

What is the whole matter?

social media platform twitter @activistjyot A video has been shared from the account named.

In this, a man is talking to an old man and his 4 wives. The age of all the wives is around 19-20 years.

In this video, the old man proudly tells that getting married is his hobby and he wants to do a total of 100 marriages in his lifetime.

Elderly divorces after having a child from each wife

The old man told, "At present I have 4 wives and after having a child from them, I will leave them. I tell this thing before marriage and marry only after everything is final."

Please tell that the old man has had 26 marriages so far and he had divorced 22 wives after having one child each. Despite this, the girls agree to marry the old man.

Old man provides house and living expenses to ex-wives

According to reports, the elder has 22 children and all of them live with their mothers.

The elder has also claimed that it is his hobby to marry 100, so he gives a house and expenses to each wife to live after divorce. Because of this the old man feels that he is not doing anything wrong.

Let us tell you that users are quite surprised to see this video on social media.

Another person from Pakistan is planning to get married for the fourth time.

Earlier, 50-year-old Sardar Haji Jan Mohammad, a resident of Baluchistan, Pakistan, came into the limelight for planning to marry another despite being married 3 times.

Actually, the 60th child was born at Haji's house only last month, which was named Khushhal Khan.

Despite having so many children, Haji and his wives wanted more children in the house, so he was looking for a girl for his fourth marriage.

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