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Pakistan: Former general of Pakistan said, talks with India ‘Pakistan’s need’

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Pakistan: Former general of Pakistan said, talks with India 'Pakistan's need'


Major General Athar Abbas (Retd), former Director General of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), the media arm of the Pakistan Armed Forces, on Sunday said that "Pakistan needs to have dialogue with India". Can This information was given in media reports. According to the news of Dawn, he made these remarks during a discussion titled 'The search for peace and security among neighbors' on the last day of the 14th Karachi Literature Festival. Also read: Imran Khan is getting the support of former ISI chief Faiz Hamid – Maryam Nawaz

Abbas said, "At the moment dialogue is the need of our country...the way forward is not just state machinery, because if you leave it (entirely) to the security establishment, nobody will be able to move forward. It will move forward." It's like taking one step forward and two steps back."

He said, "There should be an initiative.. like track 2 diplomacy, like media, like trade and business organization, like education.. and they can interact and make their place within the Indian society."

Abbas said, "It puts pressure on the (Indian) government (and) state officials that they should see what people are saying. It is the need of the hour that dialogue is the need of Pakistan."

He said that if faced with resistance, Pakistan could also involve 'external actors' like the US and the European Union.

Asked how soon he sees any talks with the neighbors happening, Gen. Abbas said, "You can't change your neighbor. Eventually, they have to come to the negotiating table..even if they think it's A great power."

Former DG ISPR remarked that there is instability in Pakistan, it will spread to India as well and we should not just wait for establishment, should also look for other options.

pakistan former general of pakistan said talks with india pakistans need

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