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On the notice of the police, Neha asked – what crime did I commit?

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UP News: Uttar Pradesh Police has issued a notice to 'UP Mein Ka Ba' fame singer Neha Singh Rathore. Neha Singh Rathore has given her response regarding the notice. Neha Singh asked the question on the notice that after all what crime have I committed that the police reached my house as soon as they caught a criminal.

Speaking to news agency ANI, said that I had written and sung a song 'UP Mein Ka Ba Season-2' on the issue of mother-daughter being burnt alive in a fire in Kanpur. After this song, the UP police reached my house with a notice. Notice was served to my father-in-law in Ambedkar Nagar.

Neha said – First my in-laws house then the police reached my Delhi house

Neha told that after giving notice to father-in-law, the UP police reached my house in Delhi. Neha said that just like a trap is laid to catch a criminal, the UP police has laid a trap to catch me. Neha said that the questions have been asked in a very tricky way in the notice.

He said that the question has been asked whether you have sung this song or not, have you done this or not? Is the song uploaded from your social media handle or not? Many such questions have been asked. Neha said that I will not reply to the notice without talking to my lawyer.

Neha Singh Rathore said that earlier too notices were sent to me regarding my songs but this is the first time that a jeep full of police reached my house. Making a big allegation, Neha Singh said that the UP police is doing the work of intimidation and creating pressure. These people want us to sing about power. If a folk singer like me questions the authorities, they send a notice to her.

Police alleges Neha spreading hatred through video

In the notice handed over on Tuesday, the UP police alleges that Neha Singh Rathore is spreading hatred among the public through her videos. The notice has been given in connection with the video 'UP Mein Ka Ba Season 2', which was uploaded on his Twitter and YouTube. A team of Kanpur Police reached Neha Singh's residence in Kanpur (Rural) on Tuesday night and served a notice under Section 160 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC).

Know, what did the UP police ask Neha in the notice?

UP Police has asked many questions in the notice given to folk singer Neha Singh Routhar. The notice asks whether you are yourself in the video or not? If you are in the video, please clarify whether this video was uploaded by you on YouTube channel Neha Singh Rathore with the title 'UP Mein Ka Ba Season 2' and on Twitter account @nehafolksinger with your own email ID or No.

Apart from this, Neha has been asked whether Neha Singh Rathore Channel and Twitter account @nehafolksinger are yours or not. If so, do you use them or not? Neha has also been asked whether you have written the lyrics of the songs used in the video or not. If you have written the song yourself, do you certify it or not? It has also been asked that if the song is written by someone else, have you got the author's confirmation verified or not?

Case can be registered in these sections for not answering

The UP Police has sought an explanation from him through notice within three days, failing which a legal case can be registered against him under sections of the IPC and CrPC.

The notice by the UP Police states, “This song has created enmity and tension in the society and you are legally bound to clarify your stand on this issue, therefore you are required to file your reply within three days of receipt of the notice.” Have to do

Police has said that if Neha Singh Rathore's reply is not found satisfactory, a case will be registered under relevant sections of IPC and CrPC and proper legal investigation will be done.

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