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Nintendo Direct: the original Metroid Prime comes remastered to Nintendo Switch | video games | Spain | Mexico | Colombia | USA | TECHNOLOGY

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Metroid Prime arrives with a remastering to nintendoswitch starting Wednesday February 8th. The original title has received an incredible graphics upgrade to fit today's technology. During the Nintendo Direct, it was announced that it can be obtained on the eShop.

The title was released in 2002 for the Game Cube and was one of the best sellers on this console. In the United States, in its first month of release, it was second only to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City as the best-selling video game.

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The title marked the return to the franchise after 8 years since the launch of Super Metroid and came out almost at the same time as Metroid Fusion, which was for the Game Boy Advance. Metroid Prime is classified as a first-person adventure, rather than a shooter. The video game follows the protagonist and bounty hunter Samus Aran.

In addition, Metroid Prime was critically acclaimed, especially for its focus on exploration and not just action.. IGN even chose the title as the best game on the GameCube console, while Wired placed it as the tenth most influential video game of the 2000s.

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Metroid Prime was already re-released for Wii in 2009, but only for Japan, as part of the New Play Control! series, while internationally, the title came out in the Metroid Prime: Trilogy compilation. Since the Switch came out, however, it was rumored that it could be remastered for this console..

The digital version of Metroid Prime remastered has been released this Wednesday, February 8, moments after the Nintendo Direct ended. For his part, the physical edition will be released on March 3so those looking to collect it only have to wait a few weeks.

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