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One afternoon in 2015 Nicolle Leon and her young children returned to their home in Kansas, USA, and they noticed the absence of their pet Roscoe, a one-year-old beagle. Concern seized the family and, although they searched everywhere and made signs to locate it, the animal did not appear.

There was no sign of him getting out or holes dug under the fence.Leon told Fox News.

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Roscoe had a microchip with family details, but they never received a call, so the woman always suspected that someone had stolen her dog or whoever found it kept it.

Despite the passing of the years, both Leon and his children did not stop thinking about their pet or questioning if he would be fine and if he would be happy.

Roscoe was found in the state of Idaho.  Photo: Facebook: Shae DeBerry

Roscoe was found in the state of Idaho. Photo: Facebook: Shae DeBerry


In January, an animal-loving couple found a lost beagle in the state of Idaho, more than a thousand kilometers from Kansas, they posted the images on their Facebook page, dedicated, precisely, to helping find and find lost pets and they got in the task of finding the family of the animal.

Thanks to the couple realizing that the dog had a chip, they realized that it was Roscoe and that he had been lost eight years ago. They took the phone and contacted the family.

To our delight, the owner kept his same phone number all these years!”, reads the Facebook page of those who found the pet.

On the other side of the line, Nicolle Leon could not believe that her beloved Roscoe had shown upHe even doubted that it was him.

“When he said he was in Idaho, I said, 'Oh, that's not my dog. I live in Kansas, ”Leon related to Fox. However, they explained to him that it was a Beagle and that the microchip recorded his data.

So things, Leon arranged for Roscoe to return home by means of a driver.. After so many years, on January 13, the woman and her children, now teenagers, were reunited with her first pet.

When he got out of the truck the morning he got home, he came wagging his tail at me. She brought him inside and he was on top of my kids wagging his tail with excitement. She wasn't sure if she would really remember us, but from the way she acted, I think she did.", the woman narrated.

The family still can't believe Roscoe is back in their lives, they are so happy to have him back home. and, of course, they are grateful to those who found him and returned him to their arms.

There are such good people in this world who make a huge difference. My children and I are genuinely grateful for both”, León affirmed to the aforementioned medium.

And although there are many doubts about what happened to the dog during the last eight years, everyone is very excited to have it back: “There is no lack of love in our house. Roscoe is pampered and we are giving him all the love."

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