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News of the country | Railways directs speed limit on train with controversial German brakes

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News of the country |  Railways directs speed limit on train with controversial German brakes

New Delhi, Feb 19 (PTI) The Railways on Sunday directed its various zones to instruct loco pilots to follow the prescribed speed limit in trains fitted with the controversial 'German braking system'.

A day earlier, a preliminary report revealed that the cause of the collision at Sultanpur could be a faulty 'brake system'.

It has also directed various zones to monitor the braking technique of loco pilots.

Following several complaints and accidents involving goods trains equipped with the German-made 'Bogie Mounted Brake System' (BMBS), railway zones were last year directed to fix the maximum speed of the train.

Two freight trains collided with each other on Thursday near Southern Cabin in Sultanpur district in Uttar Pradesh.

A preliminary report said that one of the trains involved in the accident was running at a speed of 65 kilometers per hour, had a downward gradient and had faulty brakes.

In view of the increasing cases of SPAD (Signal Passed at Danger), the Railways on Sunday issued a directive to launch a month-long safety campaign for various zones.

The Railway Board order said, “Each accident shows negligence in some aspect or the other. In view of this, one month intensive security campaign is to be launched immediately from 19.02.2023.

The order states, “The braking technique of LP (loco pilot) should be monitored for different types of load. Employees working beyond the prescribed hours of duty can lead to fatigue and should be prevented. It should be ensured that adequate rest is given to LPs and ALPs (Assistant Loco Pilots).

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railways directs train with controversial german brakes to adhere to speed limitr

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