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Netflix started charging for shared accounts in Spain, Canada, New Zealand and Portugal | Streaming | Mexico | Colombia | USA | TECHNOLOGY

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Netflix has announced that it ends shared accounts between different households in Spain, Canada, New Zealand and Portugal. In addition, it has indicated that it will create functions designed to be seen in a single house, for which reason it will force the location to be registered and to pay an extra to add additional accounts for those people with whom they do not live.

It's a statement, the platform has indicated that “always” has made it easy for people living under one roof to share their Netflix account with features like profiles and multi-screen viewing. “While they've been hugely successful, they've also caused some confusion about when and how you can share Netflix.", has explained.

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Thus, as he emphasizes, there are more than 100 million households that share their accountswhich reduces our ability to invest in the creation of great stories, told with series and films of the highest quality”.

These new “solutions"Netflix will apply them from this Wednesday, February 8 in these four countries with the goal of giving subscribers a “Greater control over who can access your account.

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How does charging for shared Netflix accounts work?

Netflix has clarified that traveling subscribers can view the app on their personal devices or sign in on another TVas it has always been.

Now, anyone using an account can move their profile to their own paid accountkeeping your personalized recommendations, viewing history, My List, your saved games and much more

In another case, Standard or Premium plan subscribers in many countries (including Canada, Spain, New Zealand and Portugal) can add sub-accounts for up to two peoplewith whom they do not live. Each of these sub-accounts will have its own profile, personalized recommendations, username and password, at an additional cost of 5.99 euros per month per person (in Spain).

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We value our subscribers and understand that many entertainment options are available to them. Each Netflix account is designed for a single household, and subscribers can choose from multiple plans with different features.”, adds the company

In this sense, heThe platform has slipped that it will continue to refine the new features based on feedback from subscribers to continue improving the service in the coming years.

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