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Man with ‘Cop Killer’ Tattoo Arrested for Shooting at Police Car in Florida City

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Florida: A man with a highly inflammatory 'Cop Killer' Tattoo was recently arrested for allegedly shooting at a Police Car in a Florida city. The actions of this dangerous individual have put the community and law enforcement at risk, and police are acting swiftly to bring him to justice. News

Man with 'Cop Killer' Tattoo Arrested for Shooting at Police Car in Florida City

Background of the Incident:

Recently in a Florida city, a man with the words 'cop killer' tattooed on his arm opened fire on a police car. Thankfully, the police officer inside the vehicle was safe, and the suspect fled the scene. Police launched an investigation to find and apprehend the person responsible for the dangerous act of violence.

Arrest Details:

Thanks to a combination of eyewitness accounts and physical evidence at the scene, police were able to identify and arrest the suspect. The man is now in police custody and is facing charges in the shooting incident.

Police Department Response:

The police department issued a statement condemning the suspect's actions and expressed gratitude that no harm was done to the officer involved in the incident. He also stressed his commitment to protecting the community and bringing dangerous criminals like this man to justice.

Previous Criminal history of the Accused:

The suspect has a long history of criminal activity and prior arrests, including charges of gun-related crimes. This latest shooting incident is the latest in a string of dangerous and violent crimes committed by the individual.


The arrest of this man with the 'Cop Killer' tattoo is a positive step towards keeping the community and law enforcement safe. However, it is a reminder of the ongoing threat of gun violence and the importance of being vigilant. We must all support law enforcement in their efforts to keep us safe and bring dangerous criminals to justice.

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