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Mahmoud Jabari | Israel demolishes the family home of a Palestinian accused of killing a settler | West Bank | Hebron | East Jerusalem | Benjamin Netanyahu | WORLD

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The forces of Israel shot down in the city West Bank of hebron the family home of a Palestinian accused of killing an Israeli settler in a nearby settlement last October, and then ransacked several Palestinian homes in east jerusalem busy, official sources reported Thursday.

On October 29, 2022, the terrorist mahmmud jabari carried out a shooting attack” that killed an Israeli man, while “numerous civilians were injured” in the vicinity of the Jewish colony of Kiryat Arbabeside hebronan Army spokesman said in a statement.

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In response to that, "the Army and the Border Police demolished his residence” on Wednesday night in the same city, added the same source, explaining that the demolition was carried out after the Israeli Supreme Court rejected an appeal filed by the family to prevent it.

Israel routinely demolishes the homes of Palestinian families accused of committing deadly attacks, a policy denounced as "collective punishment” by human rights groups that the Jewish State has applied for years in the occupied Palestinian territory.

For their part, the Israeli security forces justify it as a deterrent to prevent further attacks, while the current government coalition, led by Benjamin Netanyahu Together with his far-right partners, he has promised to expedite these actions even more expeditiously.

This Thursday, Israeli forces raided and ransacked the homes in occupied East Jerusalem of several Palestinians who have been or are in prison in Israel,"seizing large sums of money and private property, including jewelry” and cars, indicated the official Palestinian news agency, WAFA, which ensures that some 80 Palestinians could be subject to these measures.

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This happens in the midst of a sharp escalation of violence in the framework of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, which has already left 48 Palestinians dead and 11 on the Israeli side so far in 2023.

The deaths - some of them civilians - occurred largely after Israeli military raids on Palestinian towns that led to clashes with local armed groups, as well as deadly attacks by Palestinians against Israelis.

In 1967, Israel took control over west bank and east jerusalemand since then it maintains an occupation of these territories considered among the longest in recent history.

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