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Laura Saraza is the first woman to command a troop of 400 soldiers in Colombia | narration | EC Stories | WORLD

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The popular saying "a woman is a force to be reckoned with" is used to express that a woman is brave, daring, that she is not afraid of anything. Well, that saying applies perfectly to Captain Laura Saraza, the first woman to command a troop of 400 men.

At barely 30 years old, Captain Saraza is one of the members of the second class of women in the Army with troop command.

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"We have broken those paradigms and those stigmas that said that the Army was only for men, because thank God we have been able to climb and we have been able to obtain that title of being company commanders," the officer told Noticias Caracol.

Saraza studied Military Sciences and International Relations.

This demanding soldier began her career as commander of two mobile brigades in the department of Cauca, four Combat Arms battalions and one quartermaster battalion, leading up to 400 men.

"Getting to the point where our superiors believe and trust us, us women, because since men have been in the institution for a long time, women are climbing," added the captain.

Despite being a strong and tough soldier, Captain Saraza is a woman who does not forget femininity. "Physiologically we are different, but in terms of energy, in terms of wanting to do things, I consider that we are very outrageous in what we do," she said.

Captain Saraza is commanded by soldiers from other countries. She is in charge of training her.

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