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Know class 10 exam schedule and special tips for preparation

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Madhya Pradesh Board Exam: Know Class 10 Exam Schedule and Special Tips for Preparation

Feb 20, 2023 at 12:08 pm
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Madhya Pradesh Board Exam: Know Class 10 Exam Schedule and Special Tips for Preparation
Madhya Pradesh Board 10th exam schedule and tips (pic: unflash)

Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education has announced the dates for board exams. As per the datesheet released by the board, the class 10 exams will be conducted from March 1 to March 27.

The timing of the exam has been kept from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon. Very little time is left for the commencement of the examination and the candidates must start preparing.

Let us know the complete schedule of class 10th exam and some special preparation tips.

Exams will start with Hindi subject

The first board exam of class 10 will be in Hindi on March 1. Urdu exam is on 3rd March. Social Science exam will be held on March 7, Mathematics exam on March 11, Sanskrit exam on March 14. There is an exam for English on March 17 and Science on March 20.

On March 25, painting, singing, tabla and computer etc. for deaf and blind students and National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF) examination will be held on March 27.

Make a list of easy and difficult subjects and topics

Each subject has a separate syllabus. Some subjects are easy and some subjects are difficult. Before studying, see the syllabus of each subject.

From this, it will be understood that which subject will take more time to study and which subject's topics are easy or difficult. Make a list of difficult topics.

Understand them well before the commencement of the exam and keep revising them again and again during the exam.

Consult with teachers and do group studies

Without the guidance of teachers, the performance of the students becomes weak, so in case of difficulty, contact the teachers. Students can also do group study. Due to this, students learn a lot from each other and remember the topics while laughing.

plan to study

Hardly 10 days are left for the 10th board exams to begin. Divide the time according to the subjects. Decide how much time to give to which subject and make a time table.

Finish reading Hindi and Sanskrit in less time. The syllabus of subjects like Mathematics, Science, Social Science and English is big, give more time to them.

Fix the target of studies every morning and study accordingly.

practice answer writing

Answer writing questions carry a lot of marks in board exams. Students should do answer writing daily during the preparation of the exam.

Try writing answers to the same questions in different ways and then evaluate them. Prepare answers to long answer questions in points.

Diagrams are important in subjects like science and maths and they also get separate marks. Practice again and again to draw neat diagrams to score high marks.

Check copy of old paper and toppers

Previous year papers are helpful to understand the pattern of questions in board exams. Make a list of repeated questions in these. Prepare them well. Check toppers' copies on the internet and try to improve.

eat home cooked food and get enough sleep

Many students get stressed during board exams and do not take care of their health while studying. This worsens the performance instead of improving it.

Students are advised to get enough sleep. Due to incomplete sleep, the brain does not become active and does not remember anything. Take breaks in between instead of studying continuously.

If the brain gets tired, you can take a nap for 15 minutes. Eat home food.

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