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In recent days, social networks have once again recalled a terrifying event that happened in 2006 in United Kingdom. It is the story of a 38-year-old woman who was found dead in her apartment, three years after she died, and no one noticed her absence.

When Joyce Carol Vincent passed away days before she had quit her job and distanced herself from everyone she knew. At that time, people close to the woman told the media that she had been a victim of domestic violence and that is why she distanced herself from people, because she was ashamed of what happened to her.

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Joyce lived in an apartment owned by the 'Metropolitan Housing Trust' for victims of domestic abuse. Approximately in December 2003, the young woman died in her apartment lying on an armchair, surrounded by Christmas gifts and with the television on.

Three years later, on January 25, 2006, and by chance, she was found in the same place and her body was completely skeletal. Her death was revealed when bailiffs went to the property to collect the rentsince the debt was in more than three thousand dollars.

When they knocked on the door, no one opened it, but they still decided to enter the apartment and found Joyce's body in front of the television on. Her state of decomposition was such that they could only identify her from her teeth.

This case generated wide media coverage and people wondered why the government social services or the neighbors had noticed. For his part, the people in the building attributed the bad smell to nearby garbage cans.

The charity agency commented that they did not suspect that something bad had happened, since both the heating and the rest of the basic services were being paid thanks to a subsidy, which also covered part of the rent payment. But when it's expired, the debts were increasing forcing the bailiffs to visit the property.

For their part, Joyce's brothers, who were not as close to her, wrote her letters, which were never read because Joyce had already died.

Joyce's case made it to the movies

This case caught the attention of film director Carol Morley, who began to investigate the girl with people who knew her. From there the documentary 'Dreams of a life' was born, in which Morley talks about what it was like to peek into the life of Joyce and found that she was a beautiful, intelligent, socially active woman, but constantly changing jobs and friends.

Carol Morley, the Scottish newspaper 'Glasgow Herald' made a summary of what Joyce's life was like:

”Her friends saw her as someone who would flee at signs of trouble, walk away from jobs if she had a conflict with a colleague, and move from apartment to apartment all over London. She didn't answer the phone for her sisters and didn't seem to have her own circle of friends, instead relying on the company of relative strangers. that came with the label of a new boyfriend, a colleague, or a roommate," he wrote.

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