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Jio Media Cable: Jio’s new bet on cheap small devices, all FREE just connect to TV, no SIM needed – Jio Media Cable Launch Date, Price, Specifications, How It Works, Check Details

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Jio Media Cable TV: You can watch all the channels for free just by fitting the small device to the TV. Even, it will not require the use of a Jio SIM. Let's know all the information about this little Jio Media Cable.

Jio Media Cable: Jio's new bet on cheap small devices, all FREE just connect to TV, no SIM needed

Jio Media Cable Coming Soon

Jio Media Cable Price: Watch Football World Cup for free now. What is it? You are probably going to watch this IPL for free. At least that's what Reliance Jio has hinted at. Thinking, Jio will come with one of those recharge packs, from which you will have to watch IPL again on the small screen of the mobile. No, you are wrong. If you think that you can watch IPL free from JioFiber, you are wrong. That's because Reliance Jio has come up with a small device. The name of that small Jio device is 'Jio Media Cable'. You can watch all the channels completely free of charge if you fit the small device to the TV. Even, it will not require the use of a Jio SIM. Let's know how this is possible, and all the information related to this little Jio Media Cable or what.

What is Jio Media Cable?

Jio Media Cable is a very common streaming device. Like Amazon's Fire Stick or Google's Chrome Cast, this device from the Mumbai-based tech giant is somewhat similar. With this you can stream media to TV. But yes, it definitely has a limit. There is a limit to how many channels you can watch or what media you can stream. You need to connect the Jio Media Cable device to the TV to get the service. And once you connect it to your TV (any TV including LED, LCD) you can watch everything from your favorite serials to sports for free. In short, you can call this Jio Media Cable device the 'Jio version' of the set-top box.

How does Jio Media Cable work?

Practice with Jio media cable is not today. Since 2019, there have been whispers that Jio Media Cable might be arriving in the market soon. Multiple social media posts about the device went viral, leading to more speculation about the device. However, Jio has not yet announced anything about the official launch date of this device. Recently, a tipster showed this device Jio Media Cable device on an Instagram page called 'Gyan Therapy'. In the Insta post, the tipster writes, "With Jio Media Cable, you can convert your phone into a mobile TV." He also mentioned that this video was made in collaboration with Reliance Digital. From there, it is believed that Mukesh Ambani's telecom company may soon bring this device to the market.

What is being said in that post?

The tipster said in the post that the device will come inside a red and blue colored box. Red means you can connect LCD or LED TV with your HDMI cable. The second is the blue device, which is seen in older style cables. It has three pins.

Which devices will Jio Media Cable work on?

If you have a JioPhone or any other Android smartphone, it will work with everything. More importantly, your phone should have a SIM card from any telecom company, not that Jio Media Cable won't work with anything other than a Jio SIM. It will also work through the JioCinema app as well. You have to connect the other end of the device cable to the mobile and then go to settings and enable Usb Tethering. The device has another amazing feature. You can also use your phone while watching your favorite show while keeping it connected to the TV. What more do you want! But yes, can't use mobile data.

How much does Jio Media Cable cost?

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As Jio is not officially talking about this device, its price cannot be confirmed. However, it is believed that Jio Media Cable may be launched in the country for less than Rs 2,000. It may hit the market soon. Because, Mumbai's telecom giant wants to change the game with Jio Media Cable by offering free IPL viewing.

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