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Jaipur: CM’s target on Union Minister in Sanjivani scam, said- If you are innocent then why don’t you come forward?

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CM Ashok Gehlot: The war of words continues in Rajasthan between CM Ashok Gehlot and Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat. The CM, who reached Jodhpur two days ago, targeted Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat over the Sanjeevani scam.

After that, Gajendra Singh retaliated in Jaipur and said that no matter how many clouds come, the sun cannot be stopped from rising. Now once again the CM has retaliated on the minister regarding this matter.

Central minister is misleading the public

The CM said on Tuesday that the minister was misleading the public in the matter of the Sanjeevani scam. He said that in the investigation of SOG, like other accused, the crime against him has also been proved. He himself knows this very well.

The CM alleged that the minister knew very well how he along with others looted the life savings of one lakh people. In this case, the right to attach the property is with the ED, so they are still alive.

Center should take strict action

Targeting the central agencies, Gehlot said that it is beyond comprehension why the ED, which has conducted raids across the country, has not taken action in this matter so far. The CM said that you are a Union Minister yourself, if you are not guilty then why don't you help the poor to get their money back? The central government should take strict action in this matter, in which the Rajasthan government will cooperate fully.

If you have moral courage, Gajendra Singh should listen to the victims.

The CM said that the victims of the Sanjivani scam had come to meet him two days ago during his visit to Jodhpur. I got emotional listening to his words. How he was tricked and looted of his lifetime savings. Crores of rupees of many victims have been drowned in this scam. If he has moral courage, then Gajendra Singh should listen to him and understand what a big crime he has committed.

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