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iPhone Wireless MagSafe Car Charger Mcdodo Magnetic Wireless Charger Review

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Today we're taking a look at two of the coolest magsafe charges that I've seen. These are from Mcdodo. Now, these are compatible with the iPhone series 12,13 as well as 14. So these sub models include the pro's as well as the max of your own, a 14 max or 12 pro max. And it has magsafe. This should work with no problem.

First one is going to be a car charger, a magnetic mount for your vehicle. So this doubles up as a charger as well as the mount works really well. And output on this one is 15 watts. Now the second one is also a 15 watt charger compatible with the same devices. So 13,12 as well as you 14 and those sub series as well. But also this one is more of a charger that you just lay your phone on or lay on top of your phone on your desk, on your nightstand, and you can easily charge your phone that way.

Magnetic wireless charger

Let's go. So let's go ahead and we'll kick it off with unboxing the magnetic wireless charger. Like I said, this is a 15 watt fast charger. We can see the package there. It's kind of unique cool thing about these charges as I start unbox them as they are transparent so you can see the magnetic coil and it has a nice led to let you know your charging status.

So both of these are going to be usb-c. This one connects directly to a usb-c, either a computer or power brick. And you can see you have a transparent side right there with Mike Doodle on top. You see the transistors, resistors, whatever's inside looks pretty cool and does have a protective plastic on top. Like I said, once I plug it in, you'll see the LED on the inside that kind of goes around just makes it look premium. Now that's one side. The other side is going to have the magnetic coil, which you can see as well. And like I said, this makes for a really great effect.

Unboxing Car Mount

Now next to unboxing the car mount and box is going to look very similar with the orange plastic on the bottom. So you can see it has a similar design just looking through the plastic, nothing on the back really. And you just peel the front plastic off. Now this one has more of an oval shape still. You can see the internals and see the calls on the front as well as the magnet. Also in the box, you are going to have the user manual. So this will take you through the specifications, different wattage as well as what the LED means and how to get everything connected.

We also have the Image for the car mount and this just slides in the back of the actual charger. I love that this one has the rubber legs on the bottom that way, braces that way. It keeps your phone sturdy when you mount it in your vehicle and in the box. We also are going to have a usb-c cable for your power break. Now, the cool thing about the car chargers, that this is Van. Instead, if you look on the back, you can see the vent holes and this will allow the charger not to overheat.

As far as the connection, you screw off the fastener, then slide the ball into the magnetic charger, then you put the fast nut back on and tighten it to your comfort. Then you have the clip where you can click directly in the event and below that. Like I said, it has the legs on there where you can go ahead and brace it in your vehicle. And this, like I said, makes it a lot more sturdy when you're driving around.

So overall, like I said, the uniqueness of just having these transparent just makes for a cool effect, not just a charger for your phone, but also a talking piece where you can put it on display and just know that you have the coolest charger in the room.

So let's go over some of the specifications for the regular charger. The input is going to be five or nine volts at three amps. The output is going to be five watts, 7.5 watts, ten or 15 watts. And the total output is going to be 15 watts. And the length of the cable is three meters. And as far as the LEDs is mentioned, the LED color is going to be white. However, it does have different function when you connect it to the power supply for the first time, the indicator light turns off after 10 seconds of breathing.

So basically you see it pulsating and after 10 seconds that will go away. Now, wireless charging, the LED light will pulsate again for another 10 seconds. It'll switch to a faint light and then it will continue charging. And when charging is complete, the indicator light will turn faint. So it will remain on, but it will be a little bit faint. Once he disconnected, the indicator light turns off after 10 seconds as well. Like I said, this is a great looking piece. Put it on your desk, put it on your nightstand. It's going to look good. It's going to be out of your way. And most importantly, it's going to get the job done.

Next, we're going to have the car charger. The input on this is going to be five older, nine volt at three amps. The output is going to be five watts, 7.5 watt, ten or 15 watt. And of course, the total output for this is going to be 15 watts. Now, as far as the LEDs on this one, this one has LEDs on the bottom versus on the circle in the back. The indicator on this is going to be white as well. When you connect the power indicator, light turns on after 10 seconds.

Now, while the device is charging light breeze for 10 seconds, it will switch to a faint light and continue breathing. Wireless charging. When charging is complete, the light will remain on, but it will be dimmed. And when he disconnect power, it will go off after 10 seconds again. Now, even though this is an oval shape, this works just as the other charger, which means you don't have to have it in landscape or portrait mode. You can turn your phone to the side straight up and down. And this should still charge your device Magnetic strength on both of these are awesome.

I can shake them. I can hold them with string. And this will not disconnect unless you're intentionally trying to disconnect this. Now, getting this connected into the vehicle, like I said, is straightforward. Again, clip it into the vent, position your legs, plug in your device to a usb-c port, and then you're good to go. As you can see here, the phone is secure. I can turn it left. I can turn it up and down. I can turn it right and it works well. So just driving around in the vehicle just felt like this is secured and wasn't going to fall off. I love the flexibility of not having to unclip or press buttons to release my phone. All I need to do is pull it off. Then I can use it, put it back on when I'm done and it will start charging and also keeps my phone in place.

So overall, I think both of these products were great. Love The design of them work well as they should. I love the strength of the magnet, not ones that I feel like the magnets are going to come loose, drop my phone, or even shaking it violently. Never felt like. Magnets were going to give overall great design, great products and definitely would recommend them.

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