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iPhone 15 Ultra Release Targeted Around Mid-september 2023

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Just recently we've been told even more News for the iPhone 15 Ultra a brand new camera low light technology has been revealed what I want to share the details on today.

We will also go over a summary of the latest features we know about and also share those important details of the iPhone 15 Pro Max release date and price so right off the bat one leak that is still in the air is the name of the top range iPhone 15. currently we use the pro Max name but next year this may get replaced by the name of the iPhone 15 Ultra we already now have the ultra name and an apple M chipset in it and we also have the Apple watch Ultra 2. also other rival companies like Samsung and xiaomi are using the ultra name already so it does make sense for Apple to start naming their top iPhone as the ultra model.

So as we end 2022 there are already lots of leaks and rumors out there for the iPhone 15 models including some new features for the camera so let's talk about that most used feature on an iPhone the camera system so we've had a new report in showing us that Apple are again upping their bar on the iPhone camera with a brand new sensor the brand new sensor has been created by Sony and if you know anything about camera technology Sony are making some of the best photo and video mirrorless sensors out there I even use a Sony mirrorless camera for my recording the report has come in from nikay who has said that the iPhone 15 Ultra at least will be using the new state-of-the-art sensor that will make dark photos in low light even brighter with less noise right now the latest iPhone creates some of the best slow light photos of four smartphones out there and it looked like this is going to be even taken even further now not only this we you know the Apple making a new Periscope lens for 6 or 10 times optical zoom so this with the new low light sensor on the back of the iPhone 15 is really going to look fantastic.

Now before I continue on now is a good time more than ever to mention that all reports and leaks that you're seeing here are not 100 proof that they will come true with new iPhone I can only present you what reports of information are out there however you are watching this video then use Q as I'm in knowing what is going to be said about the next generation iPhone anyway so with that out of the way let's talk about the release date and prices.

Next now it's super early to talk about the release date however based on the last 12 years of History we have a rough idea of when the iPhone 15 will come out so if we go back to the iPhone 4S in 2011 this classic iPhone came out on October 14th that year then skip a year to 2012 with the iPhone 5. it was September 21st 2012. then let's skip a few years ahead of that to 2016 where it was the iPhone 7 and the 7 plus and the release year for that was September 16th in 2019 we saw the release of the iPhone 10s on September 21st and the 10r on October 26th and in 2020 with the iPhone 12 models the release dates were October 23rd to November 13th Now mainly you can see release dates have either been kind of mid end September to kind of end October there's something special coming out with something a bit different the main exception was back in 2020 and that was with the iPhone 12 where actually the phone got released a little bit later in October time but mainly this was due to covid but fast forward to 2021 with the iPhone 13 and also the iPhone 13 Pro Models it came out on September 24th was back to the normal sort of time we get an iPhone this year the iPhone event happened on September 7th and that the pre-orders started a few days later on Friday September the 9th with some iPhone 14 models being available in a hand a week later on September 16th to October 7th this year though the event was a little bit earlier than last few years but not unheard of like the iPhone 7 and the 7 plus being released on this day back in 2016.

I think you are getting the message though for the iPhone 15. it's targeted around mid-september 2023 for the release unless there was a massive problem with components or another pandemic happens for example.

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